War In Russia (Atari 8-Bit, 5 1/4" Disk) Strategic Simulations, Inc. - 1984 USA, Canada Release

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War In Russia
Product ID SSIIN0013
Platform(s) Atari 8-Bit
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1984
Publisher(s) Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Developer(s) Gary Grigsby
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

You're holding the result of two years' efforts to create the definitive simulation of the War in Russia, 1941-44.

When Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa- the invasion of Russia- on June 22, 1941, it was campaign of enormous proportions: 116 infantry divisions (14 motorized), 19 Panzers and 9 lines-of-communications divisions. His plans called for the defeat of the USSR in 9 to 17 weeks- just before the onset of the paralyzingly cold Russian winter.

Never a realist, Hitler did not allow daunting military data to deter him from his goals. Consider the awesome might he was challenging: a peace-time strength of 5 million men organized into 303 divisions, 24,000 tanks and some 7,000 mostly antiquated but useful aircraft! A saner man would have picked somewhere else to start a fight.

Yet, despite the sheer size of the enemy, Hitler nearly triumphed with his superior troops against the ill-trained Russian Army. If not for his tantrums and vacillations, who knows, he might have achieved victory.

The itch to answer these tantalizing might-have-beens serve as the inspiration to create- and for you to play- the definitive division-level simulation of the War in Russia.

Taking full advantage of the tremendous number-crunching capabilities of your computer, Strategic Simulations has taken into account every division, historically rating each one for strength, experience and fatigue. Extensive rules cover all aspects of the War, including partisan attacks, corps artillery, concentration, lend lease, creation of Soviet Guards divisions, weather and entrenchments.

Like real commanders, both players must plan their production of aircraft, artillery, vehicles and factories. You may also build new inexperienced units which require training before you send them to the front line. (Russian player, take note!)

Using weekly turns, War in Russia covers the entire campaign from June 1941 through December 1944. Naturally, shorter scenarios are provided: Barbarossa, 1941; Stalingrad, 1942; and Kursk, 1943. For each of these mini games, you can re-create just one year or play out the rest of the War.

During solitaire play, the computer directs the Russians. And if, for some unfathomable reason, you don't feel like playing out a scenario in one breath, you can save the game in progress on disk for later play.

This ambitious undertaking has been a labor of love and time. It is dedicated to all wargamers. Enjoy.

  • The strategic map that gives you an overall view of the game.
  • A status display of major Russian cities shows population, industry, vehicles, artillery, air points and supplies.
  • Scrolling up-close map shows terrain, towns, railroads and units in Hi-res color graphics.
  • The detailed makeup of a Panzer Korps with every unit rated for strength, experience and fatigue.
  • Division-level game which allows each division to be rated for strength, experience and fatigue.
  • Scenarios cover the initial German attack, the German drive on Stalingrad, and the battle for Kursk. Weekly turn campaign game covers the entire war in Russia from June 1941 to December 1944.
  • Two-player and computer-as-Russian scenarios.
  • Rules cover all aspects of the war, including partisan attacks, corps artillery concentrations, lend lease, creation of Soviet Guards divisions, weather, unit experience, supplies, entrenchments, and much more.
  • Both players plan their production of aircraft, artillery, vehicles and additional heavy industry. Players may build new inexperienced units which require training and/or use manpower to replace losses in existing divisions.
  • Ability to save a game in progress for later play.

War In Russia was designed by Gary Grigsby, author SSI's Guadalcanal Campaign, Bomb Alley, North Atlantic '86 and Carrier Force.

Playing Time:
Scenarios: 20 Hours
Campaign: 100 Hours

Advanced Level.

System Requirements

Atari 8-Bit
Required RAM 48K

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