Under Fire! (Apple II, 5 1/4" Disk) Avalon Hill - 1986 USA, Canada Release

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Under Fire!
Product ID 45708-00483
Product UPC 045708004837
Platform(s) Apple II
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1986
Publisher(s) Avalon Hill
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

It was quiet under the blistering Russian sun except for the rumble of gunfire off through the hills. Through his binoculars, the Soviet lieutenant could see the road leading into the dacha. The hedge blocked his view of most of the ground, and nothing could be seen moving among the second story windows. His orders to take his squads and three T34/76 Tanks in and occupy the abandoned country house.

From the wheatfields of Russia to the hedgerows of northern France, this is the world of under Fire, the game of tactical World War II combat. Commanding an array of armor, infantry and support of guns, take your men into the razor's edge of combat.

The lieutenant stood up and waved his arm in a circle. Around him arose fifty men who deployed in a line. Silently, they passed through the cool woods to the hedge, their eyes scanning the windows, their fingers calmly resting on the trigger guards of their rifles.

Men and weapons from the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union are represented. The map is a topographic recreation of the ground they fought over, shown in three different scales. Choose the situational map for the strategic flow of battle, or the tactical screen that shows the terrain in amazing detail.

They were 30 meters from the hedge when the land exploded in smoke and flame. A machine gun nest spoke from a window, sending the patrol to the earth. The hissing rocket from a panzerfaust caused the tanks to explode, it's crew bailing out of all hatches. Two Panther tanks moved out from under their cover. The lieutenant ran forward in a crouch, waving to the squads that were not pinned under fire to follow.

Front line combat is never predictable. Hidden units can appear out of nowhere, attack and vanish again. If caught in the open, a green squad can break and suffer horrendous casualties, while veterans run for cover. In Under Fire, squads are rated for morale and training. The computer handles all line- of- sight problems, and can direct the fire of your units if you wish. Without the complexities of figuring odds and terrain charts, finding the proper strategy depends on instinct and experience. All the uncertainties of combat are present.

The lieutenant and his patrol moved swiftly and methodically through the woods. One of the T-34's entered the yard and was trading shots with the Panther. A German squad was suddenly flushed from their hidden position and was cut down by the tank's machine gun.

Under Fire lets you begin play immediately! All orders are entered using simple keyboard or joystick commands, and there is a helpful tutorial in the rulebook to take you step- by- step into your first battle.

The nine scenarios range from open field fire fights to house- to- house conflict. Each scenario can be different when you change the ten variables, including nationality, skill level and victory conditions.

A wargame construction set!
Design your own maps and scenarios. It's easy with Under Fire. The mapmaker disk can recreate the bocage of Normandy, the Russian steppes and the final; assault on Berlin! Design the order of battle to emphasize infantry, armor or a mixture of the two. Choose among other factors, the weather, map scale, general orders and victory conditions. Order a squad to attack or defend a terrain, destroy the enemy, delay the advance or break out of the pocket. Finally, save your own scenarios to disk and they'll be ready to play anytime (the computer is always willing to play).

Here's what you get:

  • Three disks containing the game, a roster of German, Russian and American infantry and tanks, and nine scenarios. The mapmaker disk helps you create maps for your own scenarios.
  • An extensive rulebook, containing all the rules, tactical notes, a tutorial to start you on your first scenario right away, and an index of screen commands.

Under Fire can be played by one or two players, and the solitaire player can command any army, in any scenario. Under Fire is ready for play on your Apple II computer with a disk drive. A joystick is optional for the IIe and IIc, but required for the II+.

System Requirements

Apple II
Required RAM 64K

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