Tracker (C64, 5 1/4" Disk) Firebird - 1986 USA, Canada Release

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Product ID 88777-46348
Product UPC 088777463488
Platform(s) C64
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1986
Publisher(s) Firebird
Label Rainbird
Category(s) Entertainment, Strategy
Country of Origin United Kingdom

Description from the packaging.

Tactical Remote Assault Corps Vs. Cycloid Al Resistance

Smile for the cameras- you're on TV!

  • It's True.

Your great ambition fulfilled. This show draws the single largest audience in the galactic region and tonight, you are the star, the focus of attention on a thousand planets.

  • It's Real.

The bright lights that hurt your eyes, the tiny sliver of steel that cocoons you as they strap you into the skimmer, the noise of the crowd and the cold, impersonal eye of the camera recording what may be you last peaceful moments on any planet.

  • It's Here.

The moment of truth. Many before you have failed in this grotesque parody of a Gladatorial Rome extinct for five thousand years, resurrecting here in a new and more terrible form. Your opponent is no mortal of flesh and blood, but a machine controlling a lethal force of Cycloids bent on your destruction. At it's heart, no heart at all. Just energy, deadly and efficient in its special form of combat. This is the ultimate wargame. Man versus machine. Man versus Centrepoint. The undefeated Centrepoint.

  • It's Time.

You ease the skimmer forward cautiously along the trackway. You know better to rely on simple combat skills. Those contestants die too quick, too easy. You must depend on strategy, on your plan. Think ahead. Survive. Deploy your forces and try to stay calm. Do it your way. Destroy the evil of the Centrepoint. And remember, the cameras are watching, the universe waits. Are you going to let them down? After all, you are their newest star.

The only question is- for how long?

  • The contest begins. Unit 1 prepares to leave the safe zone…
  • Red alert! Unit 6 runs the gauntlet in an attempt to take out a communication link.
  • Under attack… In 3D combat mode, your skimmer gets ready to attack an enemy Cycloid.
  • Ready, aim, fire… Unit 2 shoots a plasma ball at the spinning communications link.

Tracker features:

  • An artificially intelligent enemy who will adjust his strategy to combat yours.
  • Incredible solid filled graphics in three-dimensional combat mode.
  • Icon driven, with keyboard or mouse control.

System Requirements

Required RAM 64K

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