Thorn EMI Compute 4 & Reversi (Atari 8-Bit, Cassette) Thorn EMI Computer Software - 1982 USA, Canada Release

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Thorn EMI Compute 4 & Reversi
Product ID THORN0003
Platform(s) Atari 8-Bit
Media Cassette
Copyright date 1982
Publisher(s) Thorn EMI Computer Software
Category(s) Entertainment, Traditional
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Two games of strategy that will give you many hours of entertainment. Thorn EMI Compute 4 is a version of the acclaimed game where you have to drop counters into a framework in order to make a line of four of one color. You can play this game with a friend or against the computer, which will play at one of three levels and give you a game which is both challenging and fun. Reversi is based on an ancient game played with white and black pieces on a chessboard. The object is to capture your opponent's pieces by containing them between your own and win by ending the game with the most pieces. With three levels of skill, the computer will play at the level you want- beginner, amateur or professional. Sophisticated color graphics and a winning strategy combine to promise you some unforgettable victories- and defeats. Game variations: 12. Number of players: 1 or 2.

System Requirements

Atari 8-Bit
Required RAM 16K
Requires Joystick Yes

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Technical Notes