Superbase (C128, 5 1/4" Disk) Precision Software - 1984 USA, Canada Release

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Packaging cover Superbase.
Product ID PRECI0002
Platform(s) C128
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1984
Publisher(s) Precision Software
Category(s) Productivity, Database, Flat File Database
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The Programmable Database for your Commodore 128.

  • Design your own record layouts right on the screen.
  • Menus and help explanations guide you at every step.
  • Select and view records matching any criteria.
  • Specify your own report formats.
  • Learn business style programming with dozens of powerful Superbase commands.
  • Combine output from different files under program control.

The programmable database.
For sheer quality and professionalism, Superbase is in a class of its own.

Easy to get started.
The first thing you'll notice about Superbase is the superb 230 page owner's manual. The tutorial section takes both first-time and experienced users right from steps through accomplished programming, while the reference section is a model of completeness. You'll enjoy the manual's easy style, its plentiful illustrations and comprehensive index.

Easy to use.
You'll soon be ready to set up your own filing system- business information, professional data, records of all kinds. You design your record layout right on the screen, exactly as you wish it to look, with helpful on-screen explanations never more then a step away.

With the layout in place, you can then use Superbase's built-in commands to enter, change or delete individual records. Once you have built up a file of records, you can select, sort and output data exactly as you need it.

To begin with, you'll be accessing Superbase commands through menus. The menus lead you step-by-step to the required action. Nothing could be simpler!

The hidden power.
As you become more familiar with Superbase, you'll want faster ways of accessing commands. One way is through the command line. Any sequence of menu options can also by typed directly into the second line of the screen, known as the command line. But this is just the beginning.

The real power of Superbase is that you can string any number of these commands together to form complete programs. When writing programs, not only do you have access to the dozens of powerful Superbase commands: you can also use the complete set of ordinary BASIC language commands.

This capability turns a straightforward data management system into a true database of incredible power.

Developing complex applications for yourself becomes a realistic proposition, with your hardware configuration as the only limiting factor.

The integrated office.
Superbase links with Superscript, the intelligent word processor, Easy Script and other office programs via standard sequential files.

In addition, the Commodore 128 version will actually load the Superscript program into the computer's extended memory. This means that you can switch between Superbase and Superscript at will passing information between the two and working on your filing system and documents without every having to reload. That's integration!

Buy your copy today, and join the thousands of satisfied Superbase users worldwide. They've proved its power and flexibility, and realized its benefits:

  • Entire machine-language program is memory-resident: No need for swapping or reloading.
  • Built-in single drive back-up utility.
  • State-of-the-art indexing for fast retrieval:
    • Commodore 128: Any record in less than 0.3 seconds.
    • Commodore 64: Any record in less than 3 seconds.
  • Fields may be added, and field specifications altered without the need to restructure the file.
  • Data types include calculated result for on-screen field recalculations, including full BASIC math functions.
  • Searches may be up to 127 fields deep, sorts up to 34 fields deep.
  • Program-writer generates fully formatted reports from responses to simple question-and-answer session.
  • Allows linking across separate files.
  • Includes free label printing program.
  • Supports all standard printer interfaces.

Technical specification- Maximum system values.

Database level.
Database name: 16 characters.
Databases: Unlimited number.
Files in database: 15.
Programs in a database: unlimited.
Key lists in a database: unlimited.
Memo files in a database: unlimited.

File level.
File names: 16 characters (key list, memo)

 14 characters (program)
10 characters (data)

Records in a file: unlimited.
Linked files at one time: 1
Memo file length: 23 screen lines.
Program size: 7K+ including variables (4K).
Key list length: unlimited (may be appended).

Record level.
Fields: 127, including key.
Field names and text: 1,000 characters.
Key- anywhere in record: 1 field.
Combined result, calendar and constant fields: 32 fields.
Record length: 1,107 characters.
Screens: 4.
Calculations: 159 characters expanded, 30 characters compressed.

Field level.
Field name length: 12 characters.
Key: 30 characters.
Text: 255 characters.
Numeric: 9 digits, up to 4 after decimal point plus 1 sign character position.
Date: 7 or 11 characters (1 Jan 1990 - 31 Dec 1999).
Calendar: 7 or 11 characters.
Constant: 30 characters.
Result: as numeric.

Command line: 159 characters.
Program line: 159 characters.
Screen width: 40 or 80 characters.
Screen length: 23 lines.
Printer columns: 255.

System Requirements

Required RAM 128K

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Superbase. Retail Box back Superbase.



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