Steel Panthers III Brigade Command: 1939-1999 (PC, CD-ROM) Strategic Simulations, Inc. - 1997 USA, Canada Release

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Steel Panthers III Brigade Command: 1939-1999
Product ID 16685-05328
Product UPC 016685053286
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1997
Publisher(s) Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation, Wargame
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Command multi-national forces from 1939 to 1999!

The latest from Gary Grigsby and Keith Brors, Steel Panther III lets you fight larger tactical battles using the same easy-to-use interface featured in Steel Panthers I & II. This tactical wargame includes 6 campaigns and over 40 scenarios. Engage in brigade-size battles from virtually every major historical conflict from 1939 to date, plus hypothetical battles, such as NATO 1988 and Holy War 1999!

New 200 yards-per-hex and platoon-size units let you control entire brigades- even divisions! Get key reinforcements during gameplay. And be assured on limitless armored conflict with the improved Random Scenario Generator, which includes power powerful scenario editing features!

Game highlights:

  • NEW! 200 yards per hex and platoon-size units.
  • NEW! Command multi-national forces.
  • NEW! Auxiliary units enhance your core command.
  • NEW! Key reinforcements available during gameplay.
  • Includes weapon and unit information for 20 World War II era and 40 post World War II era countries.
  • Comes complete with six campaigns (3 Word War II and 3 post World War II) and over 40 individual scenarios.
  • The improved Random Scenario Generator boasts more powerful scenario editing features, which means no two scenarios will ever be the same.
  • Convenient opponent replay feature when playing via e-mail.
  • Impressive SVGA graphics, superb animation, authentic combat footage and digitized sound effects put you right in the heat of battle!

System Requirements

PC MS-DOS 6.22
Required CPU 486-66
Required RAM 16MB
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Supported Audio SoundBlaster
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color

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Technical Notes