Space Armada (Intellivision, Cartridge) Mattel Electronics - 1981 USA, Canada Release

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Space Armada
Packaging cover Space Armada.
Product ID MATEL0004
Manufacturer # 3759
Platform(s) Intellivision
Packaging Retail Box
Media Cartridge
Copyright date 1981
Publisher(s) Mattel Electronics
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

An armada of 32 bomb-dropping, moving targets descend on your defenses. You have a supply of laser "guns" and bunkers that shield them from the air attack. Shoot your laser and clear the screen. Another armada appears, and it might surprise you with a new kind of attack! The higher your score, the more challenging the game becomes!

  • Fire away! You get points for each target you hit- plus a bonus for the fast moving UFO!
  • Later in the game, you have to dodge several kinds of missiles, and some targets are invisible!
  • Challenge a friend to see who can get the highest score... beat your own record!
  • Keep moving... hit and run. It's a two-way electronic air war!
  • The better you get, the harder the game becomes. There's no end to the challenge!
  • Sound effects let you know when you get a hit, or when you get bombed!
  • Every time you clear the "sky," you get another armada, and a tougher challenge!

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Retail Box cover Space Armada. Retail Box back Space Armada.



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