Sim City Graphics Ancient Cities (Mac, 3 1/2" Disk) Maxis - 1990 USA, Canada Release

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Sim City Graphics Ancient Cities
Packaging cover Sim City Graphics Ancient Cities.
Product ID 46357-00018
Product UPC 046357000188
Platform(s) Mac
Packaging Folio
Media 3 1/2" Disk
Copyright date 1990
Publisher(s) Maxis
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Give SimCity a new look with SimCity Graphics.
Alternate Architecture: Ancient Cities.

Three complete graphics sets that load into SimCity to let you rule other times and places.

Ancient Asia.

In a mythical mix of ancient Asian cultures, you are Shogun of a thousand cities. Create small villages populated by farmers and crafts people. Rule and nurture them as they grow into teeming centers of art and culture- hubs of trade and commerce for all of Asia.

In addition to your usual duties of ruling an empire, you will have to deal with natural disasters including earthquakes, Typhoons, Tsunamis, and Chinese Dragons.

But all work and no play makes the Shogun a dangerous person to be near, so relax with a rickshaw ride to the Sumo Wrestling matches, and cruise the coastline of your empire in a Chinese Junk.

Medieval Times.

Thou art King or Queen of thine own castle (built with gold taxed from your serfs) and undisputed liege and ruler of Medieval SimCity.

Under thy masterage, villages of small shops with rural economies grow into kingdoms with wind powered textile mills, aqueduct systems and jousting tournaments. Explore the outer reaches of thy domain in great sailing ships.

Beware of dangers from plagues, dragon blasts, witches- and more- as your Kingdom grows to legendary proportions.

Wild West.

Howdy Buckaroos and Buckerettes! Carve out a chunk of the Old West, stake your claim and develop the land in Wild West SimCity.

Elect yourself Mayor, and watch as farmers, miners, and cattle ranchers move in and compete for land in your territory. You better hire a good Sheriff. 'cuz there's gold in them thar hills, and plenty o' bad guys who'd shoot you for a pair of boots- much less a bag o' bullion.

But life in the Wild West isn't all fun and games- you'll be battling range fires, twisters, balloon crashes, poison water supplies- and keep an eye on that buzzard.

Adios Pardner, see you at the Rodeo.

System Requirements

Required CPU Mac Plus
Required RAM 2MB

Box Scans

Folio cover Sim City Graphics Ancient Cities. Folio back Sim City Graphics Ancient Cities.



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