Serpent's Star (Atari 8-Bit, 5 1/4" Disk) Broderbund Software - 1983 USA, Canada Release

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Serpent's Star
Product ID BRODE0057
Platform(s) Atari 8-Bit
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1983
Publisher(s) Broderbund Software
Category(s) Entertainment, Adventure, Text
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Graphic Adventure.

  • A gripping story line full of adventure and intrigue.
  • Detailed graphics and animation add dimension to each scene.
  • Intelligent text interpretation allows you to use everyday English.

Sure, you've solved mysteries before. You've plumbed the darkest secrets of lost civilizations. You've more than earned that gold leaf lettering on your door, "Mac Steele / Archaeologist, Seeker of Lost Treasures." But now you stand on the threshold of the most dangerous adventure you've ever encountered. And when the thrill of danger calls, you always answer on the first ring.

Think back for a moment to your last night in Tibet. After months of searching you had finally unearthed ancient sacred scrolls lost for thousands of years. You worked deep into the night, slowly, painstakingly translating... and learned of a miraculous gem known as the Serpent's Star, said to be guarded by a fierce dragon god. "Dragon god, my pick ax!" you scoffed.

You knew the gem would someday, somehow, be yours. Legend had it that the Star conveyed on its owner the power of immortality. A little quick figuring had it that the gem could fetch some $25 million on the black market. Immortality was fine, but it didn't buy the groceries. Dreaming of the incredible fortune that awaited you, you drifted off to sleep. When you awoke, the scrolls were gone.

Now word comes to you that Tibetan secret agents have recaptured the scrolls. The scrolls had been stolen by your not-so-esteemed colleague, Francisco Roboff. Roboff can rot for all you care. But the scrolls are once more within your grasp. Stashed in a simple glass case, in a sacred monastery, you can easily reclaim them, and upon completing your translations, learn the Serpent Star's true location. Your quest will lead you to the most alien of locales, guided only by your own wits and the frighteningly inscrutable advice of those you encounter.

You will journey to Kara-Koram, the city beyond time and space that exists for only one day each year. You will wander blindly through an ancient monastery at the top of the world, and you'll be forced to answer questions that make the Riddle of the Sphinx seem like a trivia quiz.

So go ahead, break the glass, grab the scrolls and be on your way. For this is only the beginning...

Written by Michael Ormsby, Larry Franks, Kristin Pearson-Franks, Alan B. Clark, and Christopher P. Anson.
Graphics by Margaret Anson.
Written in ULTRAcode.

System Requirements

Atari 8-Bit
Required RAM 48K

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