ReadySetGrow! (Mac, 3 1/2" Disk) IMSI - 1994 USA, Canada Release

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Product ID 30526-33371
Product UPC 730526333718
Platform(s) Mac
Media 3 1/2" Disk
Copyright date 1994
Publisher(s) IMSI
Category(s) Health, Medical, Family Medical, Children's Health
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

A fun, interactive and informative guide for expecting, new and experienced parents from prebirth to 5.

Wouldn't it be great if every child came with an instruction manual? Just think: out of the womb and into the world with a step-by-step guide, making sure your bundle of joy goes on to have a happy, healthful life.

Until then, there's ReadySetGrow!, the fun, interactive and informative guide to pregnancy, childbirth and the first five years of parenthood. Complete with animation, sound and detailed illustrations, ReadySetGrow! was created by a successful physician and veteran mother of four.

Since you've got better things to do than struggle with software, IMSI has made ReadySetGrow! incredible easy to use. All you do is point and click on different objects in the baby's nursery. You'll access all kinds of information!

What expectant parents should expect.
ReadySetGrow has you covered every step of the way for the next nine months. You can watch the Biological Clock for a countdown till your due date. Or answer the Family Profile, which will alert you to potential risks, suggest questions to ask your caregiver and even help make fun predictions about how your child might look.

The Pregnancy Timetable illustrates your baby's development monthly and describes it in detail weekly. It tells you what to expect from your body and your prenatal appointments each month. And so no one feels left out, concerns from both the mother's and father's points of view are discussed in depth.

What to expect from your child.
After your child is born, the Child Development section will come in very handy. Divided into nine developmental stages, it outlines the milestones you can expect your child to reach. You'll also be briefed on your child's well baby check-ups and find answers to your concerns at every stage of development.

There's an address book where you can keep vital information about the people and resources in your child's life. You can log gifts, keep track of thank you's, print up mailing labels- even dial phone numbers.

And thanks to the Babysitter feature, you can instantly give your childcare provider emergency guidelines and medical releases, plus a print-out of your detailed instructions- in either Spanish or English- on everything from favorite foods to bedtime and anything in between.

How to manage a growing family.
ReadySetGrow! helps you keep track of your family's important dates and records. The Medical Records section makes it easy for you and your health care provider by keeping up-to-date medical files on every member of your family. As a bonus, the Electronic Growth Chart feature allows you to plot an analyze your children's growth from birth to 18 years.

The Calendar feature does more than just remind you of things to do. It also allows you to keep a journal of your pregnancy and your baby's childhood. And there are quotes on parenthood to inspire you and get you off to a good start each day.

The enormous Reference section covers pregnancy and childcare from A to Z. With everything from natural childbirth to common childhood illnesses. You'll also find easy-to-follow first aid instructions- even a fully illustrated guide to CPR.

And just so you don't think anything has been left out, the extensive Resources guide is loaded with the lowdown on parent and child-related organizations, support groups, mail order catalogs and other helpful references.

Add this up and you've got more than the most comprehensive parenting software program around. You've got a good night's sleep. Which, at this time of your life, is priceless.

System Requirements

Mac System 6.0.5
Required RAM 1MB
Recommend RAM 2MB

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