Panzer General II (PC, CD-ROM) Strategic Simulations, Inc. - 1997 USA, Canada Release

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Panzer General II
Product ID 16685-05327
Product UPC 016685053279
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1997
Publisher(s) Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation, Wargame, World War II Wargame
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The sequel of the century!

Panzer General II. More than just a sequel, it's an entire generation beyond anything yet seen in strategy games. And seeing is believing. Witness the Living Battlefield, a new standard for strategy game artwork. Thirty painstakingly crafted battlefields that are faithful to the real ones of World War II. Of course, this beauty goes beyond skin deep. The phenomenal game play of the second generation Panzer General game engine is truly awesome. Battles rage through World War II's Eastern and Western Fronts, North Africa, even the continental USA!

Game highlights:

  • All new campaign and scenarios feature the classic battles fought at Dessau, Leningrad, Malta, Tobruk, and more.
  • Multiplayer support for up to 4 players across a network, the Internet or via PBEM.
  • Includes 12 scenarios designed specifically for multiplayer action.
  • New features include a prototype unit research track, unit leaders and a Best Careers player ranking.
  • Animation that includes digital explosions and interactive terrain that reflects battle damage.
  • VCR playback feature lets players view battles turn by turn.
  • Enhanced multimedia footage and scenario briefings heighten this spectacular battlefield experience.

Hot new game features:

  • 30 Eye-popping hand-rendered maps and photorealistic units, with 6 different facings.
  • Design your own single of multiplayer scenarios with the powerful Scenario Builder.

Panzer General II.
The new face of strategy gaming.

System Requirements

PC Windows 95
Required CPU Pentium 100
Required RAM 16MB
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 4X
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color
Supported Network IPX/SPX 4 Player
Internet 4 Player
TCP/IP 4 Player

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