Oregon Trail (PC, 3 1/2" Disk and 5 1/4" Disk) MECC (049709101922) - 1990 USA, Canada Release

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Oregon Trail
Product ID 49709-10192
Product UPC 049709101922
Platform(s) PC
Media 3 1/2" Disk and 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1990
Publisher(s) MECC
Category(s) Education, Social Studies
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Follow the Oregon Trail for a learning adventure!
Walk in the footsteps of 19th-century pioneers.
The Oregon Trail is an award-winning discovery-learning simulation that lets you experience life on the American frontier. What was it like to leave home and cross the rugged, unfamiliar territory to Oregon in a covered wagon? Playing the part of a carpenter, banker, or farmer, you will make life-or-death decisions for yourself and your family, just as the pioneers did.

The 2,000 mile journey is long and difficult, but the promise of a better life will keep you going. What kinds of supplies will you need? If you run out of rations, will you be able to get more? Can you face storms, wild animals, broken equipment, sickness, hunger, and thirst without giving up?

Excitement at every turn!
Along the way, you'll follow a map and navigate rushing rivers. You'll meet Indians and other travelers. You'll learn to think fast and shoot straight when wild game runs across your path. Plus, you'll be responsible for the health and safety of your party; the better their condition, the more points you'll receive. You'll also earn points if you arrive in Oregon with some of your supplies left.

Realistic graphics and sounds make the trip exciting, and random events ensure that you never know what will happen next. It's an adventure for all ages that you'll want to experience again and again.

System Requirements

Required CPU XT 8088/8086
Required RAM 256K
Supported Video CGA

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