NutriStar (PC, CD-ROM) Hopkins Technology - 1995 USA, Canada Release

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Packaging cover NutriStar.
Product ID 12456-22700
Product UPC 012456227009
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1995
Publisher(s) Hopkins Technology
Category(s) Reference, Food and Drink, Nutritional Reference
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Nutrition Standard Reference CD-ROM.
The world's largest, most complete source of nutrition information.

  • Over 40,000 foods covering up to 100 nutrients.
  • Instant index finds the food you are looking for in seconds.
  • You get calories, fat, saturated fat, carbos, protein, vitamins, minerals and much more.
  • All analyzed nutrients listed. Nothing omitted, complete to the last detail.

The world's largest, most complete source of nutrition information.
Indispensibe food nutrient look-up reference. More than 40,000 foods and their nutritional values listing up to 100 nutrients each. See what you are eating... calories, fats, vitamins, minerals and much more. Full-text search finds the foods you want fast and easy. Complete with help system, tracking capability, printing, copying, bookmarking and annotations. If you have ever wondered what is in the foods you eat, NutriStar is a must-have reference tool.

Perfect for dieters, athletes, body builders, dietitians, physicians, patients on special diets and all concerned with good health.

Hopkins Technology has been the leader in nutrition software and database CD-ROMs since 1988 with programs in use all over the world by individuals, universities, governments and businesses. Tens of thousands of users have benefited from Hopkins' dedicated collection of data from governments and companies over the years.

If NutriStar were published in book form it would be 40,000 pages thick! That's a major library! And value! Handbook 8 costs more than $200 if bought from the government.

French language data provided by Government of Canada.


USDA Handbook 8.
This is the US Government primary database which is commonly known as Handbook 8. This revision is the latest available. The Database covers 80 nutrients and contains 5,627 foods. Data may be missing for nutrients because they have not been analyzed by USDA.

USDA Survey Database.
The US Government periodically surveys eating habits of its citizens. The "Survey" database is constructed so that all the foods named in the surveys are included. There are 6,677 foods covering 30 nutrients with no missing values. Some values are inputted by USDA (not actually measured but calculated from known nutrient values of similar foods).

Hopkins Technology's Manufacturer (Current) Data File.
This database contains nutrition information received directly from companies and restaurants and was recently updated. Contains 8,193 foods covering 100 nutrient values, percentages and percent daily values. Includes the latest data available on the newly required FDA label.

Hopkins Technology's Manufacturer (Historical) Data File.
Containing 12,860 foods, this data was the last received by each company. Requests for updates were not acknowledged or were refused. In some cases the company no longer exists. Some data dates back to 1988.

Canadian Nutrient File (English).
This represents 3,501 foods of the Canadian food database.

Canadian Nutrient File (Francais).
The same data but in French language.

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 386
Required RAM 1MB
Recommend Mouse Yes
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video VGA
PC Windows 95
Required CPU 386DX
Required RAM 4MB
Recommend Mouse Yes
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video VGA

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