My First Incredible, Amazing Dictionary (Mac, CD-ROM) DK Multimedia - 1996 USA, Canada Release

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My First Incredible, Amazing Dictionary
Product ID 90778-09440
Product UPC 790778094409
Platform(s) Mac
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1996
Publisher(s) DK Multimedia
Category(s) Reference, Language Reference, Dictionary, English Children's Dictionary
Recommended age(s) 3-7.
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

A breakthrough in early learning, here is a brand new kind of dictionary for a brand new generation. Aimed at kids ages three to seven, including those who cannot yet read or have never used a computer before, My First Incredible, Amazing Dictionary is an interactive introduction to 1,000 words and their meanings. Packed with sounds and animations, it is a journey of discovery- where every click of the mouse reveals a new surprise.

1,000 First Words.
The Dictionary features an essential first vocabulary of 1,000 key words, complied by experts in the field of early learning. Each word has its own big, simple, colorful screen- with its own definition, illustration, and sound or animation.

Dynamic cross-referencing.
There are thousands of ways for children to travel through the Dictionary, "leapfrogging" from one meaning to the next or learning new words from the context in which they appear.

Sound and animation.
Every screen comes alive at the click of the mouse. Hundreds of animations and thousands of sound clips bring words and their meanings vividly to life.

The Dictionary that talks to your child.
Every word, every definition, every title, every instruction is spoken aloud.

Easy to use.
Designed specially for the very young- to be used by children either on their own or with an adult.

Games and activities.
Fun-packed, interactive word games reinforce what children have learned in the Dictionary.

My First Incredible, Amazing Dictionary turns learning into a game that every child will play.

With over 1,250 screens and pop-ups, more than 1,100 illustrations, 850 animations, 2,500 pronunciations and more than 3,000 individual sound effects.

System Requirements

Mac System 7.0
Required CPU Mac II
Required RAM 4MB
Recommend RAM 6MB
Supported Video 13" 256 Color

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