Man Enough (PC, CD-ROM) Tsunami - 1993 USA, Canada Release

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Man Enough
Product ID 55718-08013
Product UPC 755718080133
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Retail Box
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1993
Publisher(s) Tsunami
Category(s) Entertainment, Adventure
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The Ultimate Social Adventure

"It's about winning, not scoring." - Johnny Wilson, Computer Gaming World

  • Meet the women. Get the dates!
  • Experience the ultimate in realism! Live-action video and digitized speech highlight six virtual encounters!
  • Explore for hours! Includes more than 90 minutes of video footage!

Man Enough contains:

  • Two multimedia compact discs
  • Man Enough dating service profiles on each woman
  • PG-13 content

Tsunami presents a revolutionary televisual experience for CD-ROM: Man Enough. Live-action video, digitized speech, and a driving soundtrack combine to create a whole new class of interactive CD-ROM entertainment. This is the future. CD-ROM. Tsunami Media.

"Women all want me. If I could clone myself, I'd make millions."

 "Women aren't stupid.  Maybe there shouldn't be any of you!"

"Romance seems to be a lost art, but I still create masterpieces."

 "I'd love to know what you could do with me as your subject."

"I'm ready for the ride of my life. So, where do I put my hands?"

 "I'm sure you'll find the right place.  Just hang on tight."

I've been waiting for you... word on the street has it that you could use a little help.
So, here's the deal. Five women... and you. They want it all: conversation, adventure and style.
Ah, so you're thinking to yourself, hey, only five? No problem.

But here's the catch: It's not going to be easy. In fact, at times it'll be real tough. Are you up to the challenge?

Oh by the way, the bonus: A shot at the ultimate adventure date. One that will take your breath away... so, what are we waiting for?

Man Enough is a CD-ROM multimedia dating simulation featuring:

  • The only first person interactive social adventure.
  • Almost an hour of live-action video: mountain bike riding, paint ball, skydiving.
  • Stimulating dialogue comes to life through digitized speech.
  • Visually stunning, 320 x 400 enhanced VGA graphics.
  • Blair the Rich Girl
  • Erin the Lawyer
  • Fawn the Sales Rep
  • Quinn the Anchorwoman
  • Kellie the Psychologist

System Requirements

Required CPU 386-25
Required RAM 640K
Conventional RAM 520K Free
Req. Hard Drive 1MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required Audio SoundBlaster
SoundBlaster Pro
AdLib Gold
Covox Sound Master II
ProAudio Spectrum
Supported Video VGA

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Technical Notes