I'm Ready For Kindergarten Huggly's Sleepover (PC and Mac, CD-ROM) Scholastic Inc. - 1997 USA, Canada Release

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I'm Ready For Kindergarten Huggly's Sleepover
Product ID 78073-10818
Product UPC 078073108183
Platform(s) PC and Mac
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1997
Publisher(s) Scholastic Inc.
Category(s) Education, Kindergarten
Recommended age(s) 4-6.
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The first software with a complete balance of essential skills for kindergarten.

  • Beginning reading.
  • Beginning math.
  • Problem solving.
  • Social skills.
  • Emotional readiness.

Dear Parents:

You'll build your child's future success when you bring home Huggly's Sleepover- a new kind of truly educational software based on the simple idea that children learn best when skill-building experiences are built right into the context of a learning game.

Ever since my father founder Scholastic in 1920, the Company has stood for connecting learning with the world- and that's why child development experts, educators, and authors at Scholastic have put age-appropriate challenges right into Huggly's preparation for the sleepover party. Your child will learn from the very fun of playing Huggly's Sleepover!

Beyond building academic and problem-solving skills, Huggly's Sleepover also encourages children to develop essential social and emotional capabilities like sharing, cooperation, empathy, confidence, perseverance, and motivation.

Your child will be charmed and engaged by the many activities and special moments in Huggly's Sleepover. You'll find that the experiences and skills in Huggly's Sleepover make this the most richly rewarding software anywhere- we guarantee it!

  • Richard Robinson, President and CEO, Scholastic Inc.

Beginning Reading:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Letter recognition
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary

Beginning Math:

  • Number recognition
  • Counting
  • Shapes and patterns
  • Matching, sorting, classifying

Visual Discrimination:

  • Spatial reasoning
  • Color recognition
  • Object recognition
  • Size exploration
  • Same and different

Thinking Skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Following directions
  • Cause and effect

Social Skills:

  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Helping and sharing
  • Communication
  • Identifying others' emotions
  • Responsibility

Emotional Development:

  • Develops confidence
  • Enhanced motivation, initiative, perseverance
  • Shapes awareness of self.

Endorsed by experts in child development for combining key elements:

  • Important kindergarten readiness learning experiences.
  • Skills in the context of real-life scenarios.
  • Emotionally engaging, compelling characters.
  • Beautifully rendered, absorbing storyline.
  • Learn to understand the needs of others and how to share.
  • Practice shape recognition to unlock a pillow from the trunk.
  • Learn math and phonics while collecting pillows for the pillow bounce.

Is there a lovable, huggable monster living under your bed?
Peek under the bed. Huggly and his pals are getting together for their Annual Monster Sleepover Party.

Here's Grubble, Booter, your pal Huggly... and you're invited too!

... are involved in advancing the story.
... learn valuable lessons along the way.
... develop longer attention span through goal-oriented play.
... play in activities at their own pace.
... can save games to finish later.
... can print out posters for their own party.

Have you ever been to a monster sleepover? There's so much to do to get ready...

  • Beginning Math: Decorate "moody" mud pies...
  • Creativity: Create colossal posters...
  • Beginning Reading: Make up funny stories...
  • Problem Solving
  • Surprises

... and so much more.

Having a sleepover with lovable friends like these is more fun than a barrel of... monsters!

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 486-66
Required RAM 8MB
Req. Hard Drive 10MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Recommend RAM 16MB
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color
PC Windows 95
Required CPU 486-66
Required RAM 8MB
Req. Hard Drive 10MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Recommend RAM 16MB
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color
Mac System 7.1
Required CPU Mac LC III
Required RAM 16MB
Req. Hard Drive 10MB Free
Required CD Speed 2X
Supported Video 13" 256 Color

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