Hop-Skip Jump-A-Roo Zoo (PC and Mac, CD-ROM) Diamar Interactive - 1997 USA, Canada Release

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Hop-Skip Jump-A-Roo Zoo
Product ID 00354-00346
Product UPC 700354003466
Platform(s) PC and Mac
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1997
Publisher(s) Diamar Interactive
Category(s) Education, Nature, Animals
Recommended age(s) 4-8.
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Activity centers that teach kids about animals!

Fun-filled education that includes:

  • Trail building activities
  • A Complete art center
  • Animal games, puzzles, facts, & more!

For ages 4 - 8

A wonderful way to learn about the world of animals!

Hop-Skip Jump-a-roo Zoo is the perfect way to introduce your child to the amazing world of animals. Kids can explore six fun-filled activity centers that are designed to help build children's vocabulary, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills while learning about animals. Children can also improve their reading skills by following along with the fully animated Hop-Skip Jump-a-roo Zoo storybook.


Main Menu

  • Choose from six fun-filled activity centers.

Zoo Map.
Test your animal knowledge as you construct a map of the zoo.

  • A new game every time with 2 skill levels and more than 300 different questions.
  • Correct answers fill in a zoo map.

Join Ellie the elephant and Andy as they introduce you to the amazing animal kingdom. You can even record your own voice reading story.

  • Fun story about visiting the zoo.
  • Hear the story of Andy's adventures at the zoo
  • Highlighted phrases build reading skills.
  • Record up to four different voices reading the story.

Out-of-Computer Activities.
Fun print-out activities.

  • Animal bingo game.
  • Make animated puppets and masks.
  • Play the animal bingo game.

Trail Blazer.
Blaze your own trail as you create an animal discovery park in one of three different habitats.

  • Build your own zoo trail.
  • Construct routes in three different environments.
  • Learn animal facts as you choose the animals you want in your zoo.

Photo Safari.
Take pictures of animals and explore their natural habitats during this photo safari.

  • Learn animal sounds and names.
  • Explore five different environments.
  • Take pictures of animals in their habitats.

The Art Center.
A complete art center.

  • Paint brushes, markers, crayons, and more.
  • Create and print an endless supply of coloring book pages.

Animal Check-In Express.
Help Ellie check in the animals arriving at the zoo.

  • Place animals in 11 different habitats.
  • Learn to identify the habitats of different animals.
  • Learn about animal habitats.

Educational Checklist:

  • Learn animal sounds and names.
  • Learn the different environments in which animals live.
  • Build problem-solving skills.
  • Learn animal facts and history.
  • Use creative thinking to make pictures using crayons, markers, spray paint, and more.
  • Build fundamental reading skills.

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 386-33
Required RAM 8MB
Required CD Speed 2X
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color
Misc Support Microphone
PC Windows 95
Required CPU 386DX
Required RAM 8MB
Required CD Speed 2X
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color
Misc Support Microphone
Mac System 7.1
Required CPU Mac LC II
Required RAM 8MB
Required CD Speed 2X
Supported Video 13" 256 Color
Misc Support Microphone

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