History Of Medicine, A (PC, CD-ROM) FlagTower - 1996 USA, Canada Release

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History Of Medicine, A
Product ID 10435-00011
Product UPC 710435000116
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1996
Publisher(s) FlagTower
Category(s) Health, Medical, Medical History
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The interactive experience that lets you examine medical history in fascinating detail.

Includes 2 CD-ROMs.
3 Full hours of authentic sights and sounds including video, 1,000 medical illustrations and photographs, and 1 hour of interviews with medical experts.

  • See the remarkable medical treatments of the ancients.
  • Witness the horrors of the Black Death and early surgery.
  • Learn about the world renowned scientists who unraveled the secrets of DNA.

Experience the sights, sounds and drama of humanity's unrelenting quest for health through an astonishing collection of authentic film and video footage, radio broadcasts, newspaper articles and eyewitness accounts.

The easy-to-use interface puts every aspect of medical history right in front of you. Never before has an interactive program offered you so much, or opened up so many new and exciting ways to experience the quest for good health.

A History of Medicine is an entertaining way to learn and provides a remarkably rich reference tool:

  • Great for school research projects.
  • Printable images and text for reports.
  • Thousands of facts and authoritative stories.
  • Main Menu: A quick and easy way to return to the Main Menu with one click.
  • Watch compelling audiovisual sequences unfold before your eyes.
  • Explore fascinating details of famous personalities and their ailments.
  • Find out what each contributor had to say about magic and medicine.
  • Examine further details related to the overviews or viewpoint narratives.
  • Listen to additional information about a particular subject or viewpoint.
  • Return to the previous subject you were studying.
  • Pathfinder: Each figure propels you into a new section within an audiovisual chapter.
  • Control Panel: At any point in the program you can control volume, get help, access the index and more.

Get ready for an amazing "televisual" journey through the history of medicine. An interactive experience filled with the most powerful sights and sounds you can imagine. See rare photos of actual surgeries before modern medicine. Hear intriguing interviews on everything from medical quackery to the treatment of war wounds. Witness the wonders of modern keyhole surgery techniques.

A wealth of authentic sights and sounds.
FlagTower searched the world's great archives to assemble a remarkably rich collection of authentic photos, video and interviews. Immediately, you'll be caught up in these powerful sights and sounds, and in the unique, interactive, documentary style in which they are presented. Highly informative narratives underscore the drama of the events.

A totally unique experience.
The intuitive, easy-to-use interface puts every aspect of the history of medicine right in front of you. Immerse yourself in a riveting chronological account of medical advancement. Focus on a particular era, such as the amazing medical developments of the nineteenth century. You can even print, in color, and image or text document from supplemental screens. Use them later for leisurely study or school reports.

More than history.
A History of Medicine is a must: for students seeking little-known facts or photos to make their school reports come alive; for armchair physicians who want to know more about the spread of bubonic plague; for anyone who loves a dramatic story, brilliantly told.

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 486-33
Required RAM 8MB
Req. Hard Drive 4MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Required Audio 16-bit sound card
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color
Misc Support Headphones or speakers
PC Windows 95
Required CPU 486-33
Required RAM 8MB
Req. Hard Drive 4MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Required Audio 16-bit sound card
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color
Misc Support Headphones or speakers

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