Goblins Quest 3 (PC, 1.44MB 3 1/2" Disk) Sierra - 1993 USA, Canada Release

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Goblins Quest 3
Product ID 20626-85531
Product UPC 020626855310
Platform(s) PC
Media 1.44MB 3.5" Disk
Copyright date 1993
Publisher(s) Sierra
Category(s) Entertainment, Adventure
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Another mind-bending, plot-twisting, brain-teasing puzzle adventure.

Looking for an adventure game that's challenging and fun to play?

Something with tough puzzles and laugh-out-loud humor? Now from France comes the fantastic and engaging stories of the Goblins quests. It's good old-fashioned fun for the whole family!

Goblins Quest 3 is a challenging puzzle adventure game full of surprises. It's quality fun for the whole family- if you don't mind driving them all insane.

Step into the role of a hot young Goblin Reporter.
Your goal: Interview the leaders of the rival tribes that live in the Labyrinth (a very bad neighborhood). No one has met with either leader and lived to tell about it. No one has even entered the Labyrinth and made it out without going completely insane! It's going to be a tough assignment.

First stop: The Werewolf Curse.
This problem alone would probably scare off a lesser reporter. Early on, you're going to get Cursed. (It'll be a nasty one too.) Each night at sundown, you'll turn into a Werewolf, complete with big teeth, bad breath, and a nasty disposition. (This could cost you some interviews.)

Then slip past Ugly Guys.
Encounter a small army of unsavory bad guys in the Labyrinth.

Can you get the "Scoop?"
Will you get the story of a lifetime, or at least kiss an attractive by recently kidnapped princess? (Hint: You'll have to find her first.) If you've got what it takes, you can have all this and more.

If you've got a mind that can take apart puzzles, you might have what it takes to beat the Labyrinth, Werewolf, army of uglies and assorted other problems you'll encounter. Who knows, you may even make the front page (if you make it out alive).

System Requirements

Required CPU 386
Required RAM 2MB
Req. Hard Drive 10MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Supported Audio AdLib
ProAudio Spectrum
Supported Video VGA
Misc Support Printer

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