Electronic Flashcard Maker (Colecovision Adam, Digital Data Pack) Coleco - 1984 USA, Canada Release

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Electronic Flashcard Maker
Packaging cover Electronic Flashcard Maker.
Product ID 76930-20731
Product UPC 076930207314
Platform(s) Colecovision Adam
Packaging Plastic Clamshell
Media Digital Data Pack
Copyright date 1984
Publisher(s) Coleco
Category(s) Education
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Create customized study aids to help you master any subject.
Ages 10-Adult.

An easy-to-use productivity tool that can boost grades and improve classroom performance! Electronic Flashcard Maker puts you in command of the information you need to master any subject from English to geography. The program even includes foreign language accents and mathematical symbols.

It's simple to make, edit and use two-sided cards. Name "decks" or cards on individual subjects. Each deck holds up to 200 cards. Cards can hold up to about 25 words on each side. You can store 30 decks.

Test yourself manually, or pre-set your questions and answers to be shown at automatically-timed intervals.

Mark your misses and the computer will tabulate the score and retest you on mistakes! Because you make your own cards, the only limit is your imagination. Develop notecards for term papers and print them out. Memorize speeches, jokes, or lines in a play. With Electronic Flashcard Maker, the computer is truly your personal tutor.

Learning Opportunities

  • Sharpen Memory Skills
  • Create Flexible Study Aids
  • Develop Improved Work Habits

Coleco: Bringing valuable play experiences into your child's world.
Coleco Family Learning Software captures the unique opportunities computers offer for discovery learning and fun. Designed and evaluated to educators and psychologists, and extensively play-tested with children, each program delivers new adventures and exciting challenges.

  • Smart Key labels guide you as you create 2-sided cards!
  • The Directory helps you organize and find cards.
  • Sort, edit and rearrange cards in a flash!

System Requirements

Colecovision Adam

Box Scans

Plastic Clamshell cover Electronic Flashcard Maker. Plastic Clamshell back Electronic Flashcard Maker.



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