Double Tools For Doublespace (PC, 1.44MB 3 1/2" Disk) Addstor - 1993 USA, Canada Release

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Double Tools For Doublespace
Product ID 35201-00013
Product UPC 735201000138
Platform(s) PC
Media 1.44MB 3.5" Disk
Copyright date 1993
Publisher(s) Addstor
Category(s) Utilities, Disk Utilities, Disk Compression
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Now you can view, manage and enhance DoubleSpace compression for Microsoft DOS 6.

With DoubleTools you can:

  • Take control of DoubleSpace through Windows.
  • Speed up your disk with background defragmenting.
  • Manage your removable media with File Director.

50+ Great utilities for MS-DOS 6 DoubleSpace.

Take control of MS-DOS 6.0 data compression within Windows!
DoubleTools for DoubleSpace provides the only disk compression solution for users of MS-DOS 6.0 DoubleSpace. It visualizes your compressed drives with extensive graphic displays and controls so you can manage your compressed data easily- all from within Windows! DoubleTools represents the next generation in disk compression by providing breakthrough technology in a suite of utilities such as the Advisor, Silent Tools, Media Optimization, Universal Data Exchange (UDE), Media Spanning, and the Data Transporter. So, whether you need to get the most performance from DoubleSpace, simplify disk and file management or share compressed files on floppies or over networks, DoubleTools ease of use and feature rich utilities puts you in command of your data.

SpaceGauge simplifies compression management by showing all key compression statistics in one intuitive window. Review accurate space used and free space values, understand estimated and achieved compression ratios and be alerted to performance-degrading conditions quickly and easily.

The Advisor does all the thinking.
The Advisor answers to all the questions you have about compression and teaches some things you may not know. If your worried about the status of your compressed disk, you don't have to analyze complicated charts and graphs. Just click on the Advisor, and the environment-sensitive system will tell you the status of your disk, the sequences of your errors, and how to fix them. It's like having tech support right there with you!

Disk Analyzer uses intuitive graphical displays and controls to maximize the performance of any compressed disk. Quickly decide to defragment a file, a few disk clusters or the whole drive. Uncover hidden free space or review achieved compression results across the disk. These tools make disk management a snap.

Silent Tools save you time by working in the background to defragment and scan your drive for errors. Never again will you have to wait for hours while your system is defragmenting- Silent Tools takes care of this time-consuming chore while you do more important tasks. You can tell Silent Tools to defragment your disk once, or continuously if you want your system to constantly run at peak performance. Data Scan also works in the background, searching for any drive or file compression errors that may crop up from time to time.

Disk Balancer gives you one-button analysis and balancing of your compressed drives. Now Windows and DOS will always report accurate disk space usage and availability. You can also resize your DoubleSpace drive using easy-to-use graphical tools.

File Cabinet works better than the typical file manager by allowing you to select and sort sets of files by how they're compressed or fragmented. You can then perform standard file management duties such as copy, move and delete.

Take the guesswork out of floppies & removable media.
File Director is the easy way to copy, move or archive files to floppies and other removable media. Use it's drag-and-drop capabilities from your favorite Windows desktop to select the files to work with. With File Director, you can create the best format for the job on hand- uncompressed, DoubleSpace compressed, Universal Data Exchange (UDE) for DoubleSpace (share compressed floppies with any DOS user!) or create a spanned media drive. Or, use the Data Transporter for communications.

Media Spanning makes archiving data easy. Your file selections are sent to compressed floppies like other archive programs, but that's where the similarity stops. Typical archives require you to launch the archive program and restore the file you want to the hard disk before launching your favorite application. On a spanned media archive, just open your favorite Windows or DOS application, insert the first disk of the spanned set, and you have direct access to every file in the entire archive!

Data Transporter simplifies sending compressed files over the network or communications line. The Data Transporter creates a special executable from your File Director selections which when launched by the receiver, creates a new compressed drive containing your file selections. The receiver directly reads and writes to this new compressed drive, eliminating the need to extract files first- even if they don't use DoubleSpace. It's like sending a disk over the network!

System Requirements

Required CPU AT 286
Required RAM 2MB
PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU AT 286
Required RAM 2MB
Supported Video VGA

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