Do-It-Yourself Advertising (PC and Mac, CD-ROM and 1.44MB 3 1/2" Disk) Adams Media - 1997 USA, Canada Release

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Do-It-Yourself Advertising
Packaging cover Do-It-Yourself Advertising.
Product ID 45079-00746
Product UPC 045079007468
Platform(s) PC and Mac
Media CD-ROM and 1.44MB 3.5" Disk
Copyright date 1997
Publisher(s) Adams Media
Category(s) Reference, Business Reference
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Create marketing strategies and advertising that gets results.

From Marketing Plans to Print Ads.

  • Step-by-step guidance and a complete template/sample help you create a marketing plan for your business.
  • Interactive exercises help you create promotional strategies and incentives that are right for your business.
  • You'll never be at a loss for words with Do-It-Yourself Advertising's interactive copy templates.

Develop Promotions and Marketing Campaigns.
Do-It-Yourself Advertising provides you with all the tools all you need to develop effective promotional strategies and marketing plans. You'll get the competitive advantage of putting today's hottest marketing techniques to work for your business- without the cost of hiring an ad agency!

Your Copy Writing Assistant.
You'll never have to face an empty screen again. Do-It-Yourself Advertising leads you step-by-step through the copy writing process, from generating creative concepts to producing memorable headlines and phrases. Templates and interactive exercises help get you started, and show you how to refine and complete ads that will be consistent moneymakers for your business.

Writing, Designing, and Producing Great Ads Has Never Been Easier!
Be your own ad agency! Never before has it been easier for small business people to create their own advertising. With Do-It-Yourself Advertising you'll walk through step by step exercises to develop marketing plans, create effective strategies, and produce ads that will get results.

Learn to Write Copy Like The Pros!
Do-It-Yourself Advertising gives you a clear, proven approach for developing successful ads. Starting with the warm-up exercises, and continuing on to the Big Idea Incubator, you'll find a systematic process for jump-starting your own creativity. You'll discover new ways to bring the benefits of your product or service to life and new phrases and ideas to help drive customers to your business.

Create Your Print Ads in Three Easy Steps!

Step One: Choose the type of ad you want.
Simply select from Service, Retail, or Product-type ads, and then choose from the powerful layouts available. Each layout can be resized instantly by clicking and dragging the mouse.

Step Two: Fill in the blanks.
Click on the preformatted section to enter text or graphics. You can either choose from suggested items or enter your own.

Step Three: Fine-tune and print.
You can click and drag the different elements to get the exact look you're seeking and than just click to print it out.

Boost Your Creativity!
What sparks creativity? Do-It-Yourself Advertising gives you the interactive tools for finding a source of inspiration to help produce the attention-getting ads that will make you services or products stand out from the competition.

Put It In Writing!
Once you've found your creative approach, Do-It-Yourself Advertising gives you an extensive arsenal of copy writing techniques to turn your ideas into successful ads. Choose from tried-and-true formulas such as the Question & Answer ad, the Demonstration ad, the Spiral, and many more to find the right style for your product or service. No matter what direction you take, there are plenty of exercises, ideas and insights to help you get the job done right.

Consider Radio or TV!

  • Do-It-Yourself Advertising also leads you through the process of writing highly effective radio and TV ads.
  • It's easy to create great ads using the techniques in Do-It-Yourself Advertising.
  • Small business owners explain on video what worked and what didn't in their advertising.

Free Clip Art!
Hundreds of business clip art images are included free for your use in creating your ads. These images are all royalty-free and can help you present a professional-looking ad without hiring a professional designer.

System Requirements

PC Windows 95
Required CPU 386DX
Required RAM 4MB
Req. Hard Drive 5MB Free
Recommend RAM 8MB
Required Audio SoundBlaster
Supported Video VGA
PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 386
Required RAM 4MB
Req. Hard Drive 5MB Free
Recommend RAM 8MB
Required Audio SoundBlaster
Supported Video VGA
PC Windows NT 4.0
Required CPU 386DX
Required RAM 12MB
Req. Hard Drive 5MB Free
Required Audio SoundBlaster
Supported Video VGA
Mac System 7.0
Required CPU Performa 450
Required RAM 4MB
Req. Hard Drive 5MB Free
Recommend RAM 8MB

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Retail Box cover Do-It-Yourself Advertising. Retail Box back Do-It-Yourself Advertising.



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