Computer Stocks & Bonds (Apple II, CBM Pet, Atari 8-Bit and TRS-80, Cassette) Avalon Hill - 1982 USA, Canada Release

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Computer Stocks & Bonds
Packaging cover Computer Stocks & Bonds.
Product ID AVALN0056
Platform(s) Apple II, CBM Pet, Atari 8-Bit and TRS-80
Packaging Retail Box
Media Cassette
Copyright date 1982
Publisher(s) Avalon Hill
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation, Business Simulation, Stock Market Simulation
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

One of your best investments!

Until now, stock market simulations were about as captivating as balancing your checkbook, but this software adaptation of a game classic eliminates the drudgery and leaves you with the excitement! Who has not dreamed of turning a nest egg into a killing on the market? With Computer Stocks & Bonds you can by participating in the true-to-life action of the Stock Exchange. Whether you choose to be a Solitaire investor or match wits with other speculators in Multiplayer games, you take your chances by skillful buying and selling of securities to achieve wealth and affluence.

Smart investors will attempt to anticipate growth stocks; others may choose the safer strategy of relying on annual dividend offerings. Graphic bar analyses can be summoned upon command, and your rules portfolio includes reviews for charting past securities movements. The Stock Exchange is at your disposal... begin trading!

Beginning with an initial $5,000.00, you can buy and sell from a portfolio of ten securities over ten different trading periods. Bull and Bear markets change without warning, and those players who are shrewd enough (and lucky enough) to forecast the economic atmosphere can experience great financial gain. Incorrect forecasters could find themselves looking for an open window!

Based on the popular Avalon Hill board game, Stocks & Bonds on the computer achieves a new dimension that captures all the excitement and anticipation of Wall Street.

System Requirements

Atari 8-Bit
Required RAM 32K
Apple II
Required RAM 32K
Required RAM 16K
Required RAM 16K

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Computer Stocks & Bonds. Retail Box back Computer Stocks & Bonds.



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