Complete Audubon (PC and Mac, CD-ROM) Creative Multimedia - 1994 USA, Canada Release

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Complete Audubon
Product ID 35298-00005
Product UPC 735298000059
Platform(s) PC and Mac
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1994
Publisher(s) Creative Multimedia
Category(s) Reference, Nature Reference, Animals Reference
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

This special two-disc set is the authoritative source for North American birds and mammals. John James Audubon was probably the greatest American naturalist. This two-disc set includes the complete color plates and text from his 1840 first edition Octavo set. Added are CD-quality audio recordings for many of the birds and mammals which can be heard while viewing the color plates, or by themselves.

Multimedia Audubon's Birds. This disc contains the complete text of Audubon's Birds Of America, as well as 500 full-color bird lithographs. Learn about each bird's habitat and range, as Audubon tells their fascinating stories which often include little known and intriguing facts. Bird calls are included through the courtesy of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Multimedia Audubon's Mammals. Audubon was best known for his famous prints of birds, yet the 1840 Octavo set also included his striking prints of mammals in Quadrupeds Of North America. This disc includes more than 150 full-color lithographs, along with the stories of each mammal. Animal sounds are courtesy of the Cornell Library Of Natural Sounds.

The Complete Audubon was designed for entertainment, education and reference use. DiscPassage, the indexing and retrieval software, allows nature enthusiasts, students, teachers, librarians and history buffs to search the discs for words and subjects and locate them in seconds, in the author's original text.

System Requirements

Required CPU AT 286
Required RAM 640K
Conventional RAM 500K Free
Supported Video VGA
Mac System 6.0.5
Required RAM 2MB
Supported Video Color

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