Chessmaster 5000 (PC, CD-ROM) Mindscape - 1996 USA, Canada Release

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Chessmaster 5000
Product ID 24294-12006
Product UPC 024294120060
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1996
Publisher(s) Mindscape
Category(s) Entertainment, Traditional, Chess
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

It's time you play the master.

For 10 years, Chessmaster has reigned as the leader in personal computer chess programs. With Chessmaster 5000, Mindscape takes the world's best-selling program to the next level, Windows 95- featuring a new, easy-to-use, 32-bit engine for unparalleled gaming performance.

With dozens of new features, tutorials and customized enhancements, Chessmaster has something for everyone! Beginners as well as seasoned chess players will enjoy the many features, challenging gameplay and personal instruction that have made Chessmaster the world's most popular computer chess program over and over again.

What's new?

  • New, easy-to-use Windows 95 interface.
  • A new, more powerful chess playing engine.
  • Over 20 new tutorial modes.
  • Stunning new graphics.
  • A huge new 27,000 game chess database.
  • Over 30 new personalities.
  • New coach window.
  • Over 60 new opening books.
  • New time controls.
  • New audio effects and music.
  • New TrueType chess font.

What's improved?

  • Play online with superior modem and LAN support.
  • 2,000 Named opening variations.
  • Enhanced import and export capability.
  • Huge chess glossary.
  • Enhanced Auto-Annotator.

What's new online?
Play head-to-head, chat and learn everything you ever wanted to know about chess at

1 to 2 Players, Novice to Expert.

For 10 years, the greatest chess program in the world.

Building on a decade of chess superiority, Chessmaster 5000 features a new, more powerful chess playing engine, dazzling new graphics, a new 27,000 game database that features advanced database query functions, a library of 2,000 named opening variations, and a chess tutor that guides players of all skill levels through 20 new interactive lesson plans.

But for all its sophistication, Chessmaster 5000 remains a patient and inspiring teacher. Those eager to learn will experience the essence of a human expert captured by technology to become their personal chess mentor.

  • A new, world class, third generation 32-bit engine. Unparalleled performance. Optimized for Windows 95 and the Intel Pentium processor.
  • Brilliant new sets. Ten new chess sets have been added- including Latin American, Mycenaen and Staunton Cherrywood- for a total of 23. These 3D sets have to be seen to be believed.
  • New, custom woodgrain Windows 95 interface. This version of Chessmaster supports long file names as well as context-sensitive, right-click, pop-up menus.
  • New 27,000-game 32-bit ODBC chess database. An easy-to-use, interactive database allows you to learn from games played over the centuries. Search by board position, player and event, and more. Frame complex, custom queries like "Has black ever drawn or won in this position?" or "Show me all pre-1990 games where Karpov played the Ruy Lopez and took more than 40 moves to win."
  • 20 New, interactive lesson plans. The chess tutor walks players of all skill levels through 20 new tutorial lesson plans. The Chessmaster literally guides your every move, teaching you how to play and improve your game.
  • New coach window. Provides a quick summary of all possible moves, their names, and their significance. Includes threatened pieces, pins, skewers, and more.
  • Over 30 new personalities. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, you'll find the perfect opponent.

The perfect program for beginners to advanced chess players!

  • Play chess online with superior modem and LAN support. Invite someone to a game, around the world or around the corner. You'll never be without a chess opponent again.
  • Basic teaching displays. Review- or discover for the first time- the fundamentals of pinned pieces, isolated pawns, legal moves, and more.
  • Over 60 new opening books. Each is based on the chess play of a famous grand master.
  • New music and audio effects. Customized sound design for each board and chess environment make this a rich auditory chess experience.
  • New time controls. Includes Fischer-style and Hourglass time controls, with clocks that count up or down.
  • Free TrueType chess font. Print complete transcriptions of your games using Chessmaster's new TrueType chess font.
  • Game printing and diagramming options. Especially useful for writers, teachers, and students, this feature lets you export games and board diagrams.
  • Chess glossary. With more than 1,000 entries, this glossary covers everything from the Abonyi Gambit to Zugzwang.
  • Chessmaster chess annotator. Auto-Annotator feature enables the Chessmaster to automatically generate expert annotation on a previously played game- including good and doubtful moves- in conversational English.
  • 2,000 Names opening variations. Choose from a massive selection of extensively annotated opening variations by name. Use in Auto-Annotator, Natural Language Advice, and Practice Opening Book.
  • Improved import/export capability. The Chessmaster now imports and exports Post Game Notation files and makes it easier than ever to interface with the most popular chess database programs. Multiple games per file are supported.
  • Quick entry feature. Simply click on a source or destination square and your piece will automatically move, or key in a portion of a move in the current notation and your move is made.
  • Rate My Play. Play any of 30 specially selected famous games and try to predict the correct moves. The Chessmaster will rate your performance.
  • 650 Classic games. Replay and analyze hundreds of the greatest games in chess history, with extensive annotations.

System Requirements

PC Windows 95
Required CPU 486-66
Required RAM 8MB
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 2X
Supported Video SVGA 256 Color
Supported Network Internet

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