Championship Chess (Timex Sinclair, Cassette) Reston Publishing Company - 1983 USA, Canada Release

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Championship Chess
Packaging cover Championship Chess.
Product ID 21898-07384
Product UPC 021898073846
Platform(s) Timex Sinclair
Media Cassette
Copyright date 1983
Publisher(s) Reston Publishing Company
Developer(s) Chris Thornton
Category(s) Entertainment, Traditional, Chess
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Good news for chess players! Your computer challenges you in this award-winning chess game!

This game has received rave reviews from everyone who has played it. Now is your chance to see if you can beat your Timex Sinclair 1500 in an exciting game of chess. Championship Chess won the chess competition at the Consumer Computer Show in London. It's a great way to fine tune your chess game!

Playing features:

Championship Chess has six levels of play. Challenge your computer at any level. The higher the level you choose, the better opponent your computer becomes. At level one, your computer will take less than ten seconds to move. Level 6 is recommended for extended correspondence games.

Championship Chess allows you En Passant and castling. Further, you may save a game at any time for replaying at a later time.

Championship Chess uses standard notation to show you the moves. You may start a new game whenever you wish. At the end of each game, you may play a new game simply by pressing any key.

Special features:

  • Championship Chess will recommend your best move for you if you ask for it.
  • You can analyze any game at any time. This allows you to set the board up any way you please to analyze a special problem or play a famous game. During a game, by using this feature, you can change the position of the pieces.
  • Championship Chess allows you to stop a game at any time and save it on tape so you may continue the same game at a later time.
  • One command lets you print any screen display of the board during a game without interrupting that game.
  • At any time during the play of the game you may change levels or sides.
  • Twenty moves are shown on the screen at all times. Every move is saved in memory and are displayed through one command.

System Requirements

Timex Sinclair
Required RAM 16K

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Championship Chess. Retail Box back Championship Chess.



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