Cave Of The Word Wizard (C64, 5 1/4" Disk) Melody Hall - 1987 USA, Canada Release

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Cave Of The Word Wizard
Product ID 81577-00621
Product UPC 081577006213
Platform(s) C64
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1987
Publisher(s) Melody Hall
Category(s) Education, Language, English, English Vocabulary
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

An intriguing way to develop spelling skills using human speech and arcade action.
This Wizard actually talks to you!

At A Glance:

You have wandered into a mysterious cave, and the entrance has been sealed behind you. Suddenly the Word Wizard appears and informs you that in order to leave his cave you must find four magic crystals which have the power needed to open the cave entrance. You have only a flashlight to help you find your way through the cave, and your batteries are running low.

The Wizard is a funny old fellow who causes a lot of mischief for anyone who enters his cave. He will appear often and ask you to spell a word- you will actually hear the old Wizard's voice!- and you cannot continue your search until you spell the word correctly. The Wizard will use his magic powers to replenish the energy in your flashlight if you spell the word correctly, but each time you are wrong he will draw energy from your light. When your flashlight runs out of energy you will be doomed to roam through the cave in darkness forever.

During your search you will be confronted with spiders, rocks, snakes, and other dangerous obstacles that will make your quest for freedom even more challenging.

This state-of-the-art educational program includes 500 spoken words in 10 spelling skill levels and makes full use of the sound capabilities of your computer. The Wizard will talk to you in clear human speech. No additional hardware is needed for your computer system.

System Requirements

Required RAM 64K
Requires Joystick Yes

Box Scans



Package Contents




Cheats or Easter Eggs

Technical Notes