Blue & The Gray, The (PC, CD-ROM) Impressions - 1993 USA, Canada Release

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Blue & The Gray, The
Product ID 20626-83708
Product UPC 020626837088
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1993
Publisher(s) Impressions
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation, Wargame, USA Civil War Wargame
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Recreate the power and excitement of the Civil War!
Edward Grabowski's The Blue and The Gray is a challenging and historically accurate simulation of the Civil War. Starting April 1861, you control either the Union or the Confederacy in this significant struggle to make the strategic decisions that will shape the course of the conflict! Extremely simple to play yet difficult to master, The Blue and The Gray lets you create your own armies, name your units, recruit additional manpower if necessary and even train your soldiers.

Strategically deploy your armies by road, sea, rail or cross-country within an area that extends from the Mid West to the East Coast, and from Florida up to New York. Plan carefully how to divide your forces and where to assign them. Which sites are worth defending? Where should you launch your offensive? Can you risk leaving a small hostile force alone while your armies fight elsewhere? All these decisions and more will be yours!

When two armies clash, fight out an exciting Micro Miniatures battle depicted in magnificent high-resolution animation! Control your men as much or as little as you like by giving direct orders to a single soldier, a unit, or even by commanding your entire army at once. Then watch as your animated soldiers march, shoot and fight! If necessary, areas can be fortified during battles for extra protection. The Blue and The Gray can support armies up to several hundred thousand men, and battles ranging from small skirmishes to the largest conflicts of the war! You can stop fighting at any time to give new orders, regroup, or look at reports to monitor the status of your forces. When a battle is over, lead your remaining soldiers on to new grounds and prepare to fight again!

Breathtaking graphics faithfully recreate the atmosphere of the period, making The Blue and The Gray probably the best-looking war game ever on the PC! Now the war that pitted brother against brother can be fought at the level of man-to-man!


  • Up to 200 animated figures per battle, representing up to hundreds of thousands of soldiers.
  • Stunning high-resolution graphics.
  • Atmospheric sound and music.
  • Easy to use intuitive interface.
  • Wide variety of weaponry.
  • River and rail transport.
  • Authentic historic interludes faithfully recreate the atmosphere of the period!
  • Move your troops past historic sites and choose where your battles will take place!
  • Watch your armies battle in brilliant high-resolution animation.
  • Check the positions of your armies with an easy overview of the entire battlefield.
  • Spectacular graphics form just a part of the careful attention to accuracy and detail!
  • See what's left of your forces after each battle to determine your next step!

CD-ROM Includes:

  • 6 Additional Battles.
  • Enhanced Game Engine.
  • Online Multimedia History.
  • Music and Speech.

System Requirements

PC MS-DOS 3.31
Required CPU 386
Required RAM 640K
Requires Mouse Yes
Recommend RAM 2MB
Recommend CD Speed 2X
Supported Audio AdLib
AdLib Gold
SoundBlaster Pro
Gravis UltraSound
Supported Video VGA

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