Beginner's Guide To The Internet (PC, CD-ROM) Most Significant Bits - 1996 USA, Canada Release

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Beginner's Guide To The Internet
Packaging cover Beginner's Guide To The Internet.
Product ID 83555-88821
Product UPC 783555888216
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Jewel Case
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1996
Publisher(s) Most Significant Bits
Category(s) Internet, Internet Education
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Includes EarthLink Network Total Access with Netscape Navigator.

"A Beginner's Guide to the Internet" is a surfers dream! An extensive Internet CD-ROM to help assist novice and intermediate users to understand and master the Internet. Features include a user friendly easy-to-use menuing system with highlighted topics such as, multiple tutorials, reference manuals, popular FTP and World Wide Web sites, over 500 of the best Internet programs, tools and utilities, and over 1,900 documents available to assist you in getting the most out of the Internet!

Categories Include:
Books & Guides, Browsers (HTML), Chat, E-Mail, FAQs, FTP, FYIs. Finger, Gopher, IRC, Lists, RFCs, Telnet, Tutorials, Usenet, WAIS, Winsock, World Wide Web, and more!

Documents Include:
Providers of Commercial Internet Access, A Beginner's Guide to the Internet, A Brief Guide to URLs, A Plain English Guide to the Internet. Advertising on the Internet, All the Gophers in the World, An Introduction to Using the Internet, Anonymous FTP lists, Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet, Creating Simple HTML Documents, Finger Bulletins, Frequently Asked Questions, Fun and Informative Places to Go!, Getting Connected, Gopher Jewels. Government Information on the Internet, Guidelines for Internet Measurement. History of the Internet, Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet, Hotlists, How can I use the Internet as a telephone?, How does the Web work?, How to Use Telnet, How to find people's E-mail addresses, HyperText Markup Language (intro), IRC Tutorial, InterNet Mail Guide, InterNet Mail Guide, Interesting Places on the Web, Internet Glossary, Introduction to the World-Wide Web. Listing of news groups, Marketing on the Internet, Navigating the World Wide Web, New Internet User Questions. Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists. Rules for posting to Usenet, Shopping on the Information Highway, Uniform Resource Locators, Usenet Newsgroup Creation Companion. What is Gopher?, What is the Internet?. Who's Who in the Internet Biographies. Why is the Web so Popular?, Winsock Client Listing. World Wide Web Index, World-Wide-Web (intro), Zen and the Art of the Internet, and much much more!

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 386
Recommend Mouse Yes
PC Windows 95
Required CPU 386
Required RAM 4MB
Recommend Mouse Yes

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Beginner's Guide To The Internet. Retail Box back Beginner's Guide To The Internet.



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