Attack Squadron (PC, CD-ROM) Xicat Interactive - 2002 USA, Canada Release

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Attack Squadron
Packaging cover Attack Squadron.
Product ID 51222-02107
Product UPC 651222021078
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Retail Box
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 2002
Publisher(s) Xicat Interactive
Label Jane's Combat Simulations
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation, Flight Simulator, World War II Flight Simulator
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Join the greatest squadron of fighters in history.

Relive the honor, the glory, and the triumph of the greatest aerial fighters ever to grace history books. Join the fray in a sprawling campaign, reenacting the deadliest sky battles in the European Theatre of World War II.

Feel the sting of the flak and the rattle of incoming shells with one of the most detailed damage models ever. Test your mettle against fourteen flyable aircraft, each with real 3D cockpits and fully functioning dials and gauges.

And if you find yourself surrounded by enemies, don't give up. You're not alone. You're part of the Attack Squadron.

  • Fourteen flyable aircraft, with countless other land, sea, and air vehicles.
  • Patrol, intercept, and strategic bombing, plus air strikes on a wide range of targets including warships, subs, trains, tanks, airfields, and factories.
  • Deep multiplayer modes pit you against other JAS players.
  • One million square miles of satellite accurate, mapped terrain.
  • Fully realized damage model with parts that detach, explode, tear away, and affect flight.

Take control of the skies...

Detailed damage model...
Bullet holes and battle damage are visible and affect flight. Engines fail and wings rip and tear asunder.

Real satellite-mapped terrain...
throw in some ultra-detailed buildings and structures and you have a life-like European Theatre.

Physics editor...
Got a knack for tinkering? Tune and adjust and of the flyable aircraft by editing their flight dynamics and damage levels.*

Mission editor...
Create your own war, Make waypoints, targets and strategic goals, then trade the missions with your friends.*

Fourteen flyable aircraft...
Become a pilot for the Allies and fly Mustangs, Spitfires, B-17s and even the P-38 Lightning. Or join the Axis powers and fly a Ju.88, Bf.109 and more!

Real cockpits...
Watch as gauges, knobs, levers and pedals move in real-time as you pilot the craft. Add an in-depth HUD system with hot keys and you'll see what total immersion really is.

Robust multiplayer...
Go head-to-head with your friends via LAN or Internet in a dogfight to control the skies!

Attack Squadron...
Command an armed fleet of aircraft and coordinate wingmen on airstrikes, bombing runs, escorts, intercept missions and more.

Control everything...
Command heavy bombers like the B-17, and control every facet of them from gunners, to pilot, to bombardier. Hook up Multiplayer and outfit a bomber with your friends, each controlling a different station!

  • Mission Editor and Physics Editor are unsupported features.

Jane's Combat Simulations
The Jane's Advantage.
For more than a century, Jane's Information Group has been recognized as the exclusive, authentic, and up-to-date authority on military matters ranging from global defense to aerospace and transportation. From the Pentagon to the Kremlin, military leaders in more than 165 countries turn to Jane's reference information for the most current data on military hardware and defense issues. Every second of every day, Jane's global network of experts are preparing some type of information vital to understanding the military, transportation, and aerospace hardware of today.

System Requirements

PC Windows 98
Required CPU Pentium II 400
Required RAM 128MB
Req. Hard Drive 600MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed 16X
Recommend RAM 256MB
Required Audio DirectX 8.0a Compatible
Supported Video Direct 3D Compliant 3-D Graphics
Supported Network Yes

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