American Civil War (PC, CD-ROM) Interactive Magic - 1996 USA, Canada Release

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American Civil War
Packaging cover American Civil War.
Product ID 07358-40101
Product UPC 707358401014
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Retail Box
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1996
Publisher(s) Interactive Magic
Category(s) Reference, Historical Reference, Military History, USA Civil War
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

From Sumter to Appomattox.

This is your chance to rewrite American history.

It's 1861 and the nation is divided against itself. Brother against brother, father against son. You stand at the brink of one of the greatest conflicts, the American Civil War. In the next four years over 600,000 will die in America's bloodiest war. One in every three men wearing a uniform will be a casualty. The nation's greatest trial has begun.

Confederate or Union, history buff or strategic gaming fan, with its great attention to detail and dead-on realism, American Civil War is the choice for anyone ready to face the challenge of refighting, and rethinking, the most devastating war in American history.

American Civil war can be played with various political and military victory options, so you can face entirely different strategic, economic, and political challenges each time you play. Maybe you would assemble your troops differently, select more aggressive commanders, or change marching orders to alter the outcome. Test your strategies against some of the legendary leaders of this epic struggle- you are the commander- all the key decisions are yours!

CD 1- Narrated Historical Multimedia CD.

  • 175,000 word narrative text plus maps, color photos, and biographies of famous leaders.
  • Songbook including history and lyrics representing famous songs of the period.
  • Exciting video clips of battle reenactments.

CD 2- Strategic Game.

  • Play the entire Civil War, from the opening guns at Sumter to the final surrender in Appomattox or enter the war in the spring of 1862 or 1863.
  • Command Union or Confederate forces across the entire nation.
  • Recruit and organize your own Divisions, Corps and Armies, then assign generals to command them.
  • CD-quality soundtrack- listen to period music as you consider your next move or play as a separate audio-only CD.

Study the Civil War with reenactments of famous historical battles.
Assess your corps status at a glance; move forward or retreat, this is your chance to rewrite history.

System Requirements

Required CPU 486-33
Required RAM 8MB
Supported Audio Yes
Supported Video SVGA

Box Scans

Retail Box cover American Civil War. Retail Box back American Civil War.



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