Alter Ego Female (PC, 5 1/4" Disk) Activision - 1986 USA, Canada Release

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Alter Ego Female
Packaging cover Alter Ego Female.
Product ID 47875-57131
Product UPC 047875571310
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1986
Publisher(s) Activision
Category(s) Entertainment, Role Playing
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Make a new life for yourself. Just for fun, start over. But take a different path. Create a new personality. Live life as someone you've always wanted to be. Explore a lifetime of experiences, from birth to the golden years.

It's entertaining, fascinating, funny and, sometimes, quite revealing.

Alto Ego is a unique role-playing game that allows you to live out your fantasies like you've never been able to before.

"If I only knew then what I know now." How would things be different? Wouldn't it be a kick if you could go back, experiment and find out?

  • You're an infant and you're alone in the kitchen. You begin exploring- in the refrigerator. You pull the cap off a full can of whipped cream. What will you do?
  • You're driving on a deserted road when you begin to wonder just how fast the car will go.
  • Your teenage daughter has just introduced you to her date for the evening. His name is Mark "Mongo" Mattingly. He seems like a nice young man, but his appearance is a bit odd- particularly his streaked hair and earring. How would you react?

Playing the game of life...

  • Begin by answering a "personality profile", or let Alter Ego develop a personality profile for you.
  • As you encounter and work through life's many challenges, your alter ego's character is monitored. Check frequently for a status report to see what kind of personality you're developing.
  • You can begin at any of seven stages of life from birth to the golden years. You can keep living the same period over and over again, experimenting with new choices and reactions and facing the consequences of each.
  • Your alter ego's life experience will cover social, intellectual, emotional, physical, familial and vocational arenas.
  • You make the decision, then experience the world through your alter ego's actions. But remember, for every action there is a reaction.
  • Live dangerously. Or take it easy. The computer tracks your responses and develops your alter ego accordingly.
  • Choose an action and a reaction for hundreds of life experiences; your alter ego develops with each decision you make. Be yourself or be someone you've never dared to be.

"Most of us fantasize about doing things differently, living alternate lifestyles, walking in someone else's shoes. I created Alter Ego so we can all do so in a risk-free and fun way." - Peter J. Favaro.

Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D., is a distinguished clinical psychologist, educator and author. He created Alter Ego by interviewing hundreds of people about their most memorable life experiences.

Because of the authenticity of the live experiences explored in this program, Alter Ego contains explicit material which may not be suitable for computer users under the age of 16. Parental discretion is advised.

System Requirements

Required CPU XT 8088/8086
Required RAM 128K

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Alter Ego Female. Retail Box back Alter Ego Female.



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