Alice In Wonderland (Apple II, 5 1/4" Disk) Windham Classics - 1985 USA, Canada Release

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Alice In Wonderland
Packaging cover Alice In Wonderland.
Product ID SPINK0087
Product ISBN 0-917649-49-4
Platform(s) Apple II
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1985
Publisher(s) Spinnaker
Label Windham Classics
Category(s) Entertainment, Adventure, Text
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Everybody knows Wonderland is just made up, right? After all, who's ever really seen the Cheshire Cat, or the White Rabbit, or the Mad Hatter? Or travelled through the Looking Glass, flown with a magic umbrella, changed size by eating special cakes?

Could you really do all of these things? With Windham Classics' Alice In Wonderland the answer is yes. It's a unique, fast-paced adventure game with a remarkable new twist: it places you in the role of Alice. You'll actually journey through Wonderland's magical croquet grounds, visit its tea parties, explore its Great Hall of Doors. You'll meet its curious inhabitants, like the March Hare, the Jabberwock, the Borogoves. And you'll decide how to talk to them- should you calm or tease? Help or scold? Should you sing? Be careful, because if you offend them, they might ignore you- or even disappear! And you'll need the clues they'll give you so you can leave Wonderland before it vanishes.

Alice In Wonderland takes one of literature's most imaginative environments and brings it to life as never before. Among its innovative features are over 60 animated characters, a unique text menu, a poster that will help you gather clues, plus hundreds of colorful scenes.

Based on Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, Alice In Wonderland adventure game is by Dale Disharoon, Inc., specialists in entertaining and educational software.

System Requirements

Apple II
Required RAM 64K

Box Scans

Folio cover Alice In Wonderland. Folio back Alice In Wonderland.



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