Adventures With Oslo Tools And Gadgets (PC and Mac, CD-ROM) Science For Kids - 1994 USA, Canada Release (OEM)

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Adventures With Oslo Tools And Gadgets
Product ID 66203-94001oem
Product UPC 766203940016
Platform(s) PC and Mac
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1994
Publisher(s) Science For Kids
Category(s) Education, Science, Inventions
Recommended age(s) 5-14
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Five programs in one!

An animated storybook about a llama named Dolly who is constantly requiring rescue by Jimmy who turns into the many shapes of simple machines;

An adventure game taking you on a search of Tooltown and the Valley of Machines for clues and a surprise ending;

A Coloring Gallery featuring musical markers and a tic-tac-toe game;

A very colorful Maze Arcade challenging you to navigate five increasingly complex mazes while scoring your performance;

And an Interactive Database which uncovers all six classes of simple machines- the inclined plane, screw, pulley, wheel and axle, lever, and wedge.

  • Enjoy learning about simple machines in the Interactive Database!
  • The Maze Arcade will challenge you to score big and fast! The clock is running!
  • Your Coloring Gallery is playful and fun! And you can save and export your work to other software!

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 486-33
Required RAM 4MB
Req. Hard Drive 6MB Free
Requires Mouse Yes
Required CD Speed MPC
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video VGA 256 Color
Mac System 6.0.7
Required CPU Mac II
Required RAM 3MB
Req. Hard Drive 6MB Free
Supported Video 13" 256 Color

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