Turtle Graphics II (C64, 5 1/4" Disk) HesWare - 1984 USA, Canada Release

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Turtle Graphics II
Packaging cover Turtle Graphics II.
Product ID HWARE0034
Manufacturer # C503
Platform(s) C64
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1984
Publisher(s) HesWare
Developer(s) David Malmberg
Category(s) Programming, Programming Language, Logo
Recommended age(s) 6+
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Designed for children from six to sixty. Turtle Graphics II is an exciting and fun way to discover computer programming concepts. Turtle Graphics is an easy-to-learn computer language that combines the best features of both LOGO and PILOT.

User-friendly instruction manual included.
Joystick optional.

Turtle Graphics II is an exciting and fun way to discover computer programming concepts. Turtle Graphics II is an easy-to-learn computer language. It enables the beginning programmer to master the computer in just a few minutes. By telling an imaginary turtle how to roam about on the Commodore 64's screen, the Turtle Graphics II programmer can create colorful and artistic pictures. As one becomes more and more adept at teaching the turtle to paint using the Commodore 64's rich graphics and color palette, he or she is painlessly learning all of the basics of computer programming. This not only develops computer awareness, but enriches one's math, logic, communication and artistic skills as well.

Turtle Graphics II has over 60 different commands, including programming commands for: color, sound, motion, logical conditions, calculations, branchings, subroutines, sprites, input and output. Using Turtle Graphics II's simple commands, the programmer may paint the Commodore 64's screen using either colorful graphic characters or high resolution lines and curves. Turtle Graphics II comes with eight built-in sprites which can be moved about the screen with special commands or by using a joystick. A complete sprite editor also lets the programmer design and use his or her own custom sprites. Turtle Graphics II's programs may be listed on a printer, and saved on, or loaded from a tape or disk drive. Turtle Graphics II is menu driven for ease of use and has an optional trace mode to help the beginning programmer follow the logic of programs one step at a time. A well-written, easy-to-follow manual with many examples is included.

By David Malmberg.

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Retail Box cover Turtle Graphics II. Retail Box back Turtle Graphics II.



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