Techno Cop (Amiga, 3 1/2" Disk) Epyx - 1988 USA, Canada Release

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Techno Cop
Packaging cover Techno Cop.
Product ID 80561-00455
Product UPC 080561004556
Platform(s) Amiga
Packaging Retail Box
Media 3 1/2" Disk
Copyright date 1988
Publisher(s) Epyx
Label U.S. Gold
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

You're smoking down the asphalt at the wheel of the incredibly high-powered V-Max. There's a picture flashing on your on-board computer screen. It might be the ugly mug of a world-feared drug overload - or one of ten other slime balls from the dreaded crime empire known as Death On Arrival (D.O.A.). Your job is to get them. Part detective, part road warrior, part tough guy...and all cunning.

Watch out for crazed punks and hit men as you speed down the city's freeways. Then prowl through decaying buildings to find your man. You've got a Magnum .88, snare gun, and a radar criminal locator. And you'll need them all as you brave hurled axes, vicious rats, whips, bombs, brute force - and the kind of people who don't go around saying "Have a nice day".

Expect attacks as you make tracks in your V-Max. Good thing it's not only the world's fastest, turbocharged sports car, but an arsenal of machine guns and bombs as well.

Get ready for more unpleasant surprises as your manhunt takes you through seedy buildings in all the wrong parts of town.

A great combination of the thrills of car racing and the chills of crime-busting: with 11 levels of detective skill to master. Another intensely fun game from U.S. Gold.

  • Time to switch on the turbo.
  • You'd better be quick or it's you who'll be D.O.A.
  • Gotcha! But there are even deadlier thugs still lurking.

System Requirements

Required RAM 512K
Supported Video Color

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Techno Cop. Retail Box back Techno Cop.



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