Stepping Stones Talking Bonus Pack (VIS, CD-ROM) Compu-Teach - 1992 USA, Canada Release

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Stepping Stones Talking Bonus Pack
Packaging cover Stepping Stones Talking Bonus Pack.
Product ID TANDY0073
Manufacturer # 25-6113
Platform(s) VIS
Packaging Retail Box
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1992
Publisher(s) Tandy/Radio Shack
Developer(s) Compu-Teach
Category(s) Education, Preschool
Recommended age(s) 2-7.
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Reading, language and math all in one package.
Fun and excitement while learning the basics.

Years of learning growth for children age two through grade two! Digitized voices, MIDI music, colorful graphics, animation and sound effects make the following skills fun and easy to learn:

Level I Ages 2-5.

Number Recognition.
The magic of learning begins by selecting a number! Animated characters count down and then return in correct number patterns.

Letter Recognition.
Choose a letter and hear it pronounced! Then see and hear a word beginning with that letter along with animated graphics and music!

Colorful, animated graphics hold children's attention as they learn to count. Together, Stepping Stones and the youngsters count together as objects move off the screen.

Multiple levels let children progress from letter recognition to actually spelling simple words. Voice, animated pictures and music reward them every step of the way.

Level II Ages 4-7.

The wonderful, new world of reading is introduced with Stepping Stones! From word recognition to full sentences, each level works progressively so children have fun as they learn at their own pace.

With three levels, Stepping Stones uses voice, graphics and animation to take children from single and double digit addition to the beginning of subtraction.

Spelling and Vocabulary.
From the spelling of three letter words to questions and answers, Stepping Stones increases vocabulary. Many levels let children learn and review to build strong basic skills.

Sentence Structure.
Children easily learn subjects, objects, verbs and prepositions as sentences come to life through voice and animation. As they master language skills, reading is automatically improved.

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Retail Box cover Stepping Stones Talking Bonus Pack. Retail Box back Stepping Stones Talking Bonus Pack.



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