Shareware OnLine 2 (PC, CD-ROM) CMS Software - 1993 USA, Canada Release

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Shareware OnLine 2
Packaging cover Shareware OnLine 2.
Product ID CMSSO0001
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Jewel Case
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1993
Publisher(s) CMS Software
Category(s) Shareware
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Over 600 Megabytes of 1993 shareware! You will find thousands of programs for all kinds of uses. Everything from utility programs to games to Windows programs! This CD-ROM contains around 4,500 of the very best shareware programs. BBS Use: This disc contains full BBS file descriptions in every directory as well as a master directory for use on BBS's. Descriptions are included in five different formats for use on virtually every major type of BBS software used today! Many up-to-date BBS programs are also included on this disc. This disc contains one directory of nothing but color ANSI pictures for BBS use and two directories of BBS doors and BBS related software! ShareWare OnLine is the ultimate in BBS CD's! Non BBS Use: This disc contains an updated version of the ShareWare OnLine File Retrieval System. This software allows you to copy, view, tag, and UnZip the programs on this disc. The pictures contained on this disc may be viewed directly from the retrieval software. Very little knowledge of DOS operating system is needed to make ShareWare OnLine the largest and best solution to your software needs! All programs on this version are dated 1993. No programs older than 1/1/93 were included. All programs must pass our quality assurance test or they do not make it onto our discs! All programs compressed with the latest PKZip compression utility available at the time of this disc's compilation. Uncompressed, this disc contains over 1 gigabyte of storage.

System Requirements

Required CPU AT 286
Required RAM 640K
PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU AT 286
Required RAM 1MB

Jewel Case Scans

Jewel Case cover Shareware OnLine 2. Jewel Case back Shareware OnLine 2.



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