Ricochet (TRS-80, Cassette) Epyx - 1981 USA, Canada Release

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Product ID EPYXS0114
Platform(s) TRS-80
Packaging Retail Box
Media Cassette
Copyright date 1981
Publisher(s) Epyx
Category(s) Entertainment, Strategy
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The strategy game with bounce.

  • Color graphics for the Apple and Atari.
  • Five game variants.
  • Four levels of skill.
  • Player rating system.
  • For ages 8 to adult.
  • Complexity: Introductory.
  • Playing Time: 10 Minutes to hours of fun.
  • For one or two players (or even three).

Ricochet is the first abstract action-strategy game designed for play on your home computer. Every time you play, you'll find Ricochet to be challenging, thought-provoking and fast moving.

Get a million points!
You've got two launchers you fire at your opponent's goals. There are obstacles in your path- but you get points for banking your shots off of them before they reach the goal. The longer the shot, the more points you get.

In the long run, you're trying to rack up points for your personal Ricochet Rating. You are assigned a rating (by your computer), based on how well you play against your computer opponent or against another human. Your rating improves when you win the match. Can you top a million?

Match victory is yours when you win two out of three games (or three out of five, depending on the variant). The match is self-handicapping, so you get an edge-of-your-seat battle every time.

Outwit your opponent!
Six pieces are your Chessman. You maneuver them to block your goals from attack, while setting up the best possible shot for yourself. But the game is over as soon as one player has launched all of his shots, so don't wait for that perfect angle, or you'll lose without even firing a shot.

As in tournament Chess, you're under time pressure, but Ricochet has a "smart clock" that allows you to put more pressure on your opponent by playing super fast.

On one level, you'll enjoy Ricochet's fast action, color and sound. But on another level, the strategic subtleties will keep challenging you for years to come.

System Requirements

Required RAM 16K

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