Rescue On Fractalus! (C64 and Atari 8-Bit, 5 1/4" Disk) Epyx - 1985 USA, Canada Release

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Rescue On Fractalus!
Product ID EPYXS0047
Platform(s) C64 and Atari 8-Bit
Packaging Retail Box
Media 5 1/4" Disk
Copyright date 1985
Publisher(s) Epyx
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

You've joined an elite Rescue Squadron, flying to the hostile planet Fractalus to confront the ruthless enemy Jaggies head on. The mission is to rescue Ethercorps pilots shot down and stranded on that brutal planet, and help lead our forces to victory... for the merciless Jaggi onslaught must be stopped to preserve the future of the galaxy.

Sounds easy, but don't let it fool you. It's tough enough to navigate the mountains and canyons of Fractalus, try doing it while destroying enemy gun emplacements or dodging suicide saucers. Don't waste any time- the pilots won't last long in the poisonous cyanitric acid atmosphere of Fractalus.

Don't try to memorize the three-dimensional landscape, because it changes every time you play the game. As if that's not enough, the better you get the harder the game becomes. There's even instrument-only night flying in the more advanced levels.

Rescue on Fractalus!... you've never faced a challenge as tough as this before!

  • First-person perspective in both Flying and Rescue sequences.
  • Realistic three-dimensional landscape.
  • Increasing difficulty levels.
  • Joystick controlled.
  • One player.

System Requirements

Atari 8-Bit
Required RAM 48K
Required RAM 64K

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