QuickWrite (Amiga, 3 1/2" Disk) New Horizons Software - 1990 USA, Canada Release

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Packaging cover QuickWrite.
Product ID 90491-00060
Product UPC 090491000603
Platform(s) Amiga
Media 3 1/2" Disk
Copyright date 1990
Publisher(s) New Horizons Software
Category(s) Productivity, Word Processing, Word Processor
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

QuickWrite, the High Performance Word Processor for Amiga.

Essential Features and Exceptional Performance for Amiga.

If you've been searching for a high-performance word processor for your Amiga, rest easy... now there's QuickWrite from New Horizons. For formal business letters, quick notes, or a powerful text engine for desktop publishing, QuickWrite provides the features necessary to speed-up and dress-up all your word processing tasks.

An Ideal Solution for One-Drive Systems.

QuickWrite provides all the essential word processing features you need in a program that requires only 512K of memory. Because of its exceptional performance and small memory demand, QuickWrite is the ideal word processor for one-drive systems. Even though it is compact, QuickWrite is not shy on the features you need most. For example, QuickWrite's 50,000-word spelling checker can check either individual selections, or an entire document with a single keystroke. And with QuickWrite's Macro capability you can avoid many normally tedious and repetitive word processing tasks. Even processing form letters and documents is easy with QuickWrite's Merge feature. With its ease-of-use, speed, and functional versatility QuickWrite is an obvious first choice for all your word processing jobs.

The Best Performer In Its Class.

Look over the QuickWrite features list and compare it with other Amiga word processors. You'll find that QuickWrite offers the best combination of value and performance. Put QuickWrite to work for you right now and your word processing tasks will look better in no time.

QuickWrite Performance Features:


  • Create text in multiple styles and colors
  • Spelling checker with a 50,000-word dictionary
  • Fully-integrated spelling checker can check all at once or a selected range
  • Spelling checker is customizable with a user word list
  • Macros are available (when used in conjunction with AREXX)
  • AREXX port lets you communicate with other programs
  • Define your own top, bottom, left, and right margins
  • Find, Find Next and Change commands for quick changes
  • Go to any page on command
  • Comprehensive keyboard equivalents or the mouse may be used to select commands
  • Tallies are made for character, word, sentence, line, paragraph, and page totals
  • Compute your average word, sentence length and readability grade level automatically
  • Compatible with all keyboard keymaps

Print Performance

  • Print NLQ text in either Pica, Elite or Condensed fonts
  • Adjust page sizes and print across paper perforation
  • Print Merge feature speeds forms letters and documents
  • Print on any Preference-supported printer
  • Print documents back-to-front or collated


  • Professional Page Text File import and export capabilities
  • View documents with a true "What you see is what you get" display
  • Document reformatting is automatic
  • Paragraph-based formatting for left, centered, right, or fully-justified paragraphs
  • Line spacing available in single and double
  • Set tab stops with left, center, right, or decimal alignment
  • Define your own decimal tab alignment character
  • Insert automatic space before and/or after paragraphs
  • Set your own defaults for all program settings
  • Generate multiple line headers and footers
  • Title Page option to display headers and footers on first page
  • Number pages automatically with your choice of five different formats
  • Insert current date and time either as fixed text or as an updating marker
  • Choose from six different date formats and two different time formats
  • Select All command for easy document-wide changes
  • Document size is unlimited subject to available memory
  • Ten documents can be open at once
  • Load and save text files for compatibility with other programs
  • File compatible with ProWrite by New Horizons

System Requirements

Required RAM 512K

Box Scans

Retail Box cover QuickWrite. Retail Box back QuickWrite.



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