Playing With Language Games In Japanese (VIS, CD-ROM) Tandy/Radio Shack - 1992 USA, Canada Release

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Playing With Language Games In Japanese
Packaging cover Playing With Language Games In Japanese.
Product ID TANDY0062
Manufacturer # 25-6185
Platform(s) VIS
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1992
Publisher(s) Tandy/Radio Shack
Developer(s) Syracuse Language Systems
Category(s) Education, Language, Japanese
Recommended age(s) 4+
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Finally! Language learning can be fun!


  • Memory teasers.
  • Concentration.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles.
  • Simon Says.
  • Numbers.
  • Bingo.
  • Build a Face.
  • Dress the Baby.
  • Telling Time.

And many more...

Multimedia CDs in the Playing With Language series teach language skills to children by combining the power of multimedia technology with interesting and challenging games and interactive stories.

This Games In Japanese disc in the Playing With Language series teaches hundreds of words and expressions in Japanese, including dozens of games designed to teach beginning language skills. Children learn from digitally recorded voices of native speakers giving lots of examples, instructions and corrections entirely in the new language- just as they learned their first language.

This disc can be used at home as a stand-alone introduction to Japanese or in conjunction with classroom instruction. And since there are no translations, the disc can be used by learners with any language background.

Most menu selections allow the player to choose among a number of levels of difficulty. In addition, many selections allow the player to choose between variations with different sets of vocabulary words. The result is a wide range of options that can also challenge a mature learner.

Simply select a game from the picture menu, use the practice screen if you would like to preview new vocabulary, and play. The learner is always in complete control; a game can be stopped or repeated at any time. Best of all, there are no lessons, only enjoyable games that teach as you play!

  • Jigsaw puzzles review parts of the body and other nouns, as well as teaching the use of the possessive construction.
  • Games are selected from an easy-to-use pictoral menu. Clicking on the pointing fingers brings other menu pages.
  • At Level 1, the player of the Bingo game can always win since there is no penalty for incorrect answers. However, Level II penalizes a wrong answer by crossing out the item missed.

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