Pierre Le Chef Is Out To Lunch (CD32, CD-ROM) Mindscape - 1994 European Release

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Pierre Le Chef Is Out To Lunch
Packaging cover Pierre Le Chef Is Out To Lunch.
Product ID 018247-415452
Product UPC 5018247415452
Platform(s) CD32
Packaging Jewel Case
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1994
Publisher(s) Mindscape
Category(s) Entertainment, Arcade
Country of Origin United Kingdom

Description from the packaging.

Pierre le Chef tours the world preparing international cuisine for the rich and famous- but this time he's found a recipe for disaster! The ingredients he requires are running riot- Pierre must chase them down and bag 'em before they make mincemeat out of him! Sounds simple, except for germs, like salmonella and botulism. Oh, and there's also his arch-rival "le Chef Noir", an evil masked chef who has cooked up a plan to release all of the ingredients as quick as Pierre can catch them!

  • Travel through six countries in pursuit of the rampaging veggies.
  • Dash round the supermarket in the 'Trolley Dash' bonus.
  • Discover loads of secret bonus screens and warp rooms.

"A superbly colorful game, crammed with extra special power-ups and very nippy gameplay." - Amiga Action.

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Jewel Case cover Pierre Le Chef Is Out To Lunch. Jewel Case back Pierre Le Chef Is Out To Lunch.



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