Personal Pro (PC, 3 1/2" Disk) Microleague Multimedia Inc. - 1991 USA, Canada Release

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Personal Pro
Product ID 37523-80002
Product UPC 037523800022
Platform(s) PC
Packaging Retail Box
Media 3 1/2" Disk
Copyright date 1991
Publisher(s) Microleague Multimedia Inc.
Category(s) Education, Sports Education, Golf Tutorial
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The serious golfer's "19th hole," where you can review the mistakes of each round and get instant advice on how to correct them.

Knock strokes off your golf game, and keep them off, with a lesson from your Personal Pro- the intelligent new form of interactive golf instruction that automatically customizes itself to your game and immediately starts solving your problems. Don't have time to visit your club pro? Personal Pro lets you learn in the privacy and convenience of your own home or office.

Unlike ordinary golf manuals and instruction videos that try to teach you how to build a perfect swing- someone else's swing- Personal Pro is designed for you, the average "Weekend" golfer who knows they're not perfect. We know you have problems- problems that change from round to round- and that you need immediate help in diagnosing and correcting those problems. We help you get the most out of your swing and your game.

Get a Grip on your Game!

Published by MicroLeague Sports- the leader in serious, sports-minded software- Personal Pro was created by golfers, for golfers.

Designers Tim Tapio and renowned teaching professional Robert Mack, a former U.S. Open participant, have compiled and encyclopedia of expert knowledge representing years of detailed research into understanding the cause and effect relationship present in the golf swing including: teaching, books, videos, lessons, practicing, playing- and more playing.

Personal Pro gathers the symptoms of your problem, performs a diagnosis, and recommends instant corrective changes in your swing. First, Personal Pro gathers descriptions of your ball flight characteristics through a simple question-and-answer format. Then the information is analyzed against the systems database of expert golf knowledge to find a tailored checklist solution to your problem. The checklists, which may be printed, show you the faults that must be eliminated, the positive swing elements that must be emphasized, and a complete list of helpful hints.

Additionally, your description of the problem and its recommended solution are presented in the form of animated diagrams that effectively reinforce the imagery of the corrections you need to keep in mind for your next round of golf. Stop getting teed off at your game. Start learning, and lowering your score, with a lesson from your Personal Pro.

Swing Consultant: Analyzes, diagnoses, and corrects your problem areas.

Animated diagrams: Displays animated diagrams of problems and solutions.

Experience profile: Records a profile of your personal golf history.

Practice checklists: Prints out problem/solution checklists that you can take onto the course, on the road or to the practice tee.

Interactive analyzer: As your game changes, so does Personal Pro. Our expert analysis reacts to each individual round to match the changing skill level of your game.

Artificial intelligence: Organizes the expert knowledge of golf's best educated resources, instantly applying their collective advice to help cure your personal golf swing problem.

Digitized video action: Computerized visuals of a real-life teaching pro demonstrate the proper grip and swing, in both slow motion and freeze-frame.

System Requirements

Required CPU XT 8088/8086
Required RAM 256K
Recommend RAM 512K
Supported Video CGA

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