No Greater Glory (PC, 1.44MB 3 1/2" Disk) Strategic Simulations, Inc. - 1991 USA, Canada Release

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No Greater Glory
Product ID 16685-14144
Product UPC 016685141440
Platform(s) PC
Media 1.44MB 3.5" Disk
Copyright date 1991
Publisher(s) Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Category(s) Entertainment, Simulation, Wargame, USA Civil War Wargame
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

The American Civil War.

The year is 1861 and you are Abraham Lincoln... or Jefferson Davis.

The immensity of this war dawns on you- the bloody battles and the conflicts over such issues as slavery, taxes, inflation and enlistment of negroes. No Greater Glory covers these and other major military, political, diplomatic and economic aspects of the Civil War.

From the leading politicians and generals of the time, assign your cabinet members, foreign envoy and military leaders. Move your armies across the map and order your generals to take them into battle.

Enter your decisions quickly and easily with the "point-and-click" mouse interface. Superb graphics present you with immediate feedback of your actions.

Every game can end differently. For example, as Lincoln, you could lose the election of 1864- and the game! As Davis, your foreign envoy may win the war with words- by convincing Europe to recognize the Confederacy.

No Greater Glory. The most complete re-enactment of the war that divided a nation!

  • Strategic Map divides the nation into 8 regions and 43 areas.
  • Move and fight across a close-up view of the Eastern Border Region.
  • Choose from different politicians for the Union cabinet and envoys to Europe.
  • For one player, game covers all aspects of the war; military, political, economic fronts, even popular opinion.
  • As Lincoln or Davis, assign and direct your generals, each rated for seniority, aggressiveness and battle skills.
  • Each turn equals three months, divided into phases, such as recruitment, campaigning, taxation, diplomacy.
  • Select cabinet members and foreign envoys. Each politician rated for diplomatic skills, loyalty, political beliefs and geographic roots.
  • Includes mechanics and rules covering economics, supply, forts, railroads, riverine flotillas, amphibious assault, naval blockades and interception on the high seas.

Designed by Edward Bever, PhD and Patricia Bever.
Playing time: 1-20 Hours.

System Requirements

Required CPU XT 8088/8086
Required RAM 640K
Supported Video CGA

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