Mini Office (Amiga, 3 1/2" Disk) Europress Software - 1992 UK Release

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Mini Office
Packaging cover Mini Office.
Product ID 022497-100815
Product UPC 5022497100815
Platform(s) Amiga
Media 3 1/2" Disk
Copyright date 1992
Publisher(s) Europress Software
Category(s) Productivity, Home Office
Country of Origin United Kingdom

Description from the packaging.

At last- the complete Amiga home office workstation!

Mini Office Amiga is a powerful and flexible integrated package capable of performing a vast array of home and office business tasks. Its five feature-packed modules include:

  • A professional Word Processor with powerful graphics capabilities and a 50,000 word spell checker. Ideal for a wide variety of correspondence and official documents.
  • A versatile Database which is simple to use and powerful enough to deal with anything from basic address book functions to club membership lists and business records.
  • A flexible Spreadsheet with more than 50 functions, simplifying the most complex domestic monthly budgets or commercial cash flow forecasts.
  • A supremely friendly Disc Utilities program to make using your Mini Office Amiga as painless a task as possible.
  • Incredible Graphics with more than 18 types of graphs and charts available to brighten up your presentations or appreciate as possible. You can even make use of eye-catching 3D effects!

Mini Office's unique Icon Bar system makes controlling its powerful features simpler than any other package presently available. A consistent design approach means that once you've used one of the modules, you've effectively used them all- you'll be a seasoned user in no time.

Pull-down menus and a generous supply of keyboard shortcuts ensure that Mini Office Amiga will suit the way you work, whether you are a hardened typist or a novice user.

The modules are fully integrated, making it possible to generate a spreadsheet for your monthly accounts or mortgage payments, save the data, then load it into the Graphics module where you can generate any type of chart or graph you need as a picture for use in the Wordprocessor.

The Main Menu allows you to move back and forth between different modules- and permits you to set up Mini Office to suit your individual needs.

Word processor: Compose a letter, check your spelling with the 50,000 word dictionary, mail-merge details from a database file, add graphics, wrap text around it, load ASCII text, highlight with bold, italic and underline... and more!

Database: Build up a versatile card index, incorporate up to 50 fields with 70 characters each, use search and replace to modify data, do powerful multi-field sorting, perform arithmetic functions... and more!

Spreadsheet: Prepare budgets or tables, after column widths, insert or delete columns and rows, cut and paste, data, lock blocks, choose from over 50 functions... and more!

Graphics: Enter data directly or load data from the spreadsheet or database, produce pie charts with exploded segments, display bar charts side by side or stacked, overlay your graphs on an imported IFF picture, add a 3D view, add text or lines... and more!

Disc Utilities: Avoid the confusion of Workbench, create bootable discs, format discs, copy files from disc to disc, make directories, delete and rename files, make multiple copies of your discs... and more!

System Requirements

Required RAM 1MB

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Mini Office. Retail Box back Mini Office.



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