Martian Dreams (PC, 1.44MB 3 1/2" Disk) Origin Systems - 1991 USA, Canada Release

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Martian Dreams
Packaging cover Martian Dreams.
Product ID 17814-78111
Product UPC 017814781117
Platform(s) PC
Media 1.44MB 3.5" Disk
Copyright date 1991
Publisher(s) Origin Systems
Category(s) Entertainment, Role Playing
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Lord British presents Ultima Worlds of Adventure 2.

1893. The World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Astronomer Percival Lowell's colossal space cannon is poised to hurl a huge bullet-ship to Mars. Then disaster strikes! The cannon discharges a day early with dozens of history's leading figures aboard. Unprepared for the rigors of Mars, the accidental space travelers have little chance of surviving. You must rescue the stranded expedition or history will be forever changed!

Fact-filled fantasy adventure.
Martian Dreams is the first alternative history adventure in the Ultima series, combining what we now know of Mars with the imaginings of writers and scientists of the 1890's.

  • Struggle to survive a hostile environment as you explore the entire surface of Mars.
  • Solve the mysteries of the Martian canals, steam-powered factories, radium-driven mechanical men, and other artifacts.
  • Conquer the eerie Dreamworld- by confronting your own subconscious fears and desires.
  • Master strange psychic abilities.
  • Battle plant-creatures and worm-like monsters.
  • Interact with some of history's most renowned men and women, painstaking researched and accurately portrayed- meet and learn about Sarah Bernhardt, Nellie Bly, George Washington Carver, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, Sigmund Freud, Emma Goldman, William Randolph Hearst, Vladimir Lenin, Grigori Rasputin, Theodore Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells, and dozens more!

Another great Ultima role-playing experience!

  • The most advanced Ultima role-playing system yet.
  • Easy to use point and click interface.
  • Spectacular full-color art and animation.
  • Original heart-stirring musical scores.
  • A fully interactive world simulation with thousands of objects- it you can touch it, you can use it!
  • Unparalleled role-playing adventure in a world both realistic and fantastic.

Martian Dreams is the second in the Ultima Worlds of Adventure series, taking you, the Avatar, to exciting new worlds of science fiction, mystery, historic exploration, horror, time travel, espionage, and fantasy. All of time and space, past and future, fact and fiction are yours to explore in Ultima Worlds of Adventure!

System Requirements

Required CPU AT 286
Required RAM 640K
Supported Audio Yes
Supported Video EGA
VGA 256 Color

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Martian Dreams. Retail Box back Martian Dreams.



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