Lords Of Karma (Apple II, CBM Pet, Atari 8-Bit and TRS-80, Cassette) Avalon Hill - 1980 USA, Canada Release

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Lords Of Karma
Packaging cover Lords Of Karma.
Product ID AVALN0058
Manufacturer # 4005
Platform(s) Apple II, CBM Pet, Atari 8-Bit and TRS-80
Packaging Retail Box
Media Cassette
Copyright date 1980
Publisher(s) Avalon Hill
Category(s) Entertainment, Adventure, Text
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Explore the magical universe of Karma!

Suddenly you find yourself in the central square of the mythical city of Golconda, in the magical universe of Karma. Just staying alive may be more than you can handle, but the Lords of Karma are watching your every move and they will not let you rest until you have performed many deeds of kindness and bravery. You must explore the verdant forests, twisting trails, rugged mountains, and labyrinthine caverns of the universe of Karma, gradually learning its secrets and completing your tasks. But watch out, there are lurking monsters waiting for lunch- You!

The computer becomes your eyes and ears.
But you make all the decisions... like, do you rescue the king's daughter and return her out of kindness, or hold her for ransom yourself! Will you steal from the church, or give to the poor! The computer will attempt to figure out what you mean and do what you want.

There are almost no rules to learn because you tell the computer what you want to do by typing simple English sentences on the keyboard, like "Walk North". Since you won't be able to figure out many of the secrets of the universe of Karma in one sitting, you have the option of saving your game on a cassette tape and starting again later at the point you left off.

System Requirements

Atari 8-Bit
Required RAM 40K
Apple II
Required RAM 32K
Required RAM 32K
Required RAM 48K

Box Scans

Retail Box cover Lords Of Karma. Retail Box back Lords Of Karma.



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