Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner (PC, CD-ROM) Vertigo Development Group - 1994 USA, Canada Release

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Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner
Product ID 87251-57211
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1994
Publisher(s) Vertigo Development Group
Label ActiveBook
Category(s) Productivity, Financial, Investments
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

Can you pass the wealth test?
Do you want to:

  • Reduce your debt?
  • Plan your retirement?
  • Refinance your home?
  • Have enough life insurance?
  • Reduce your taxes?
  • Understand college financing?
  • Know how to invest?
  • Exclusive interactive video with Jonathan.

Sit down with Jonathan Pond and profit from the experience.

Apply Jonathan Pond's expertise to your finances with Jonathan Pond's Personal Financial Planner, an exciting interactive edition to the ActiveBook library.

With this ActiveBook, you and Jonathan work one-on-one to assess your financial picture. Then you're given the power to turn thoughts into action.

The result is an electronic dialog- a two-way conversation between you and Jonathan Pond on your financial needs.

The book format makes it easy to proceed to sections you need, make notes and skim text. Then exclusive ActiveInformation pages take Pond's insights one step further. Simply answer Jonathan's questions, and ActiveBook delivers custom financial solutions, straight from the expert and built around your individual needs.

From investments to taxes to budgets, Pond's exclusive commentary is tailored precisely for you. So whether you're already working with a financial planner or just starting out, the combination of insight and technology make this ActiveBook a valuable addition to your library.

You and Jonathan Pond. A powerful team focused on your finances and brought together by ActiveBook.

  • Take the Wealth Test. Jonathan evaluates your financial prowess and directs you to appropriate interactive sections.
  • Start each section with an evaluation quiz. The, with Jonathan, move on to learn, organize and plan.
  • At the end of each section get an Action Plan tailored specifically to your situation and goals.
  • Move from section to section on planning, insurance, taxes, investments, retirement and more.
  • Conclude with the Smart Planner Report, developed by you and Jonathan towards securing your financial future.

Exclusive ActiveInformation pages give you the power of traditional computer software programs without having to learn a complex new program. If you can read a book, you can use ActiveBook.

Answer easy to understand questions, and an ActiveBook lets you apply the financial advice of the experts to your own financial situation.

Jonathan takes your answers and gives you personalized advice in the form of easy to understand "Suggested Strategy" complete with explanations, recommendations, and colorful charts.

Jonathan is with you every step of the way- watching for possible mistakes, offering assistance, and providing suggestions and information geared just for you.

ActiveBooks utilize the full capabilities of your personal computer. When you change a number in one column, all related information is reevaluated and recalculated to give you the right advice.

When you and Jonathan have completed working through your finances and your goals, the result is an Action Plan. Listing what to do and when to do it to secure your financial future.

Jonathan Pond. America's financial planner.

When approached about writing this ActiveBook edition, Jonathan Pond was thrilled to bring his expertise to interactive software.

As one of America's most respected advisors, Pond's insights have appeared nationally in nine books, regular columns in Cosmopolitan and Newsweek, the radio program "Your Money with Jonathan Pond" and more than 300 television appearances during the last three years.

Pond's entertaining perspective makes him a popular speaker as well, and he addresses more than 80 groups a year.

He's currently president of Financial Planning Information, Inc., where he advises individuals and organizations alike. And while he jokingly warns to "never take financial responsibility for anything that eats," Pond breaks his rule by living near Boston with his wife, two daughters and one slothful dog.

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 386
Required RAM 4MB
Requires Mouse Yes
Recommend Mouse Yes
Required Audio Yes
Supported Video VGA 256 Color
SVGA 256 Color

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