Fine Arts Of China (PC, CD-ROM) Hopkins Technology - 1995 USA, Canada Release

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Fine Arts Of China
Packaging cover Fine Arts Of China.
Product ID 12456-11200
Product UPC 012456112008
Platform(s) PC
Media CD-ROM
Copyright date 1995
Publisher(s) Hopkins Technology
Category(s) Hobby, Arts
Country of Origin United States of America

Description from the packaging.

A spectacular visual encyclopedia of the arts and architecture of China.

  • Includes over 400 exquisite full-color photos with extensive tutorials.
  • Covers ancient sculpture, painting, fine art, architecture, modern fine art, and arts & crafts.
  • Full English text descriptions with rich history and detail provide an in-depth understanding of the visuals.
  • Maps show locations of the photography and museums.
  • Complete with enchanting music, full text search and powerful photo zoom.

This is a must-have collection for art-lovers, students, educators, family libraries and all those interested in the culture, history and artisans of China.

This series of exquisite color photographs represents the very best of Chinese art from the last 10,000 years. Never before has such a fine collection been assembled in one place. There photos represent art as old as the Neolithic Age (10,000 years ago) and as fresh as today's dynamically changing China!

Marvel at a painting on silk unearthed from a 2,000 year old tomb! Zoom in on the incredible detail. Like nothing you have ever seen before!

The astounding 2,000 year old soldiers. Life size, in formation, detailed to each individual's face, physique and weaponry. The discovery of the 20th century!

Anji- The oldest single-arched bridge in China has amazingly withstood the hardships for over 1,300 years. Fantastic architecture!

An incredible sculpture from the Neogothic Age (5,000 to 12,000 years ago)!

Simplistic grace and beauty shown in the Dancer, a painting created in 1979, exemplifies modern fine art.

Father, painted in oil in 1980, depicts a poor, old peasant and touched the nerve of a nation.

The lavishly explained text with each photo provides fascinating historical and descriptive detail superbly written by Professor Xi Chuanji, the Director of Art History Research at the Nanjing Institute of Fine Arts. Full-text search capability allows fast, easy access to any word or phrase. Maps show the locations of the photography and museums.

The photos can be power zoomed to inspect the intricate detail of each piece. As a pleasant addition, enchanting music created especially for this series can be played at your leisure.

It is generally forbidden in China for anyone, tourist or citizen, to approach the site of these treasures with a camera; let alone take a picture. These photos were graciously supplied by the government of the People's Republic of China.

This multimedia CD-ROM covers a wide range of art:

Ancient Sculpture.

  • Neolithic animal shaped pots.
  • Bronze and pottery heads and figurines.
  • Lacquered wooden figurines.
  • Terra cotta clay figures of weaponed soldiers, horses, and chariots.
  • Granite and stone animals.
  • Painted clay sculptures.
  • Limestone statues, and more.

Ancient Painting.

  • Tomb and cave frescoes.
  • Sill paintings.
  • Brick and stone carvings.
  • Han Xizai's Night Feast by Gu Hongzhong of the Five Dynasties Period, and more.

Ancient Fine Art.

  • Neolithic painted pottery.
  • Glazed pottery.
  • KESI Silk crafted fabrics.
  • Embroidery and brocade.
  • Bronze, gold and silver wares and more.

Modern Fine Art.

  • Figure paintings.
  • Flower and bird paintings.
  • Water-ink on paper paintings.
  • Oil paintings.
  • Caricatures, and more.

Arts & Crafts.

  • Folk art.
  • New Year paintings.
  • Paper cuts.
  • Painted clay figures and sculptures.
  • Stone lions.
  • Mian Hua (dough flower crafts).
  • Embroidered sweetgrass bags.
  • Leather-silhoutte show.
  • Colorful kites and more.

Ancient Architecture.

  • The Great Wall.
  • Anji single-arched bridge.
  • Beijing Palace Museum.
  • Tian An Men gate.
  • Gates of the Forbidden City.
  • Architectural drawings.
  • Temple of Heaven.
  • Suspending Temples.
  • Summer Palace.
  • Numerous Pagodas.
  • Typical residences and more.

System Requirements

PC Windows 3.1
Required CPU 386
Required RAM 1MB
Requires Mouse Yes
Recommend Audio Yes
Supported Video VGA
PC Windows 95
Required CPU 386DX
Required RAM 4MB
Requires Mouse Yes
Recommend Audio Yes
Supported Video VGA

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